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What fillers can be used for the face and neck to add hydration and tightness?

What fillers can be used for the face and neck to add hydration and tightness?

What fillers can be used for the face and neck to add hydration and tightness?

Healthy, tight, and radiant skin is the key indicator of youth and beauty. Unfortunately, not all people were lucky enough to get healthy-looking skin from nature, and with age, the situation worsens. Even those lucky ones may observe dryness, dullness, and change in their complexion due to malnutrition, bad habits, lack of sleep, exhaustion, poor ecology, some deceases… The list can go on and on… Whatever might be the cause, dermal fillers and mesotherapy products injections can return the elasticity and beauty to your skin.

Why does the skin lose its former appearance?

All changes in the organism have a direct visible effect on the appearance of your skin. In some terms, it is a mirror, which reflects the condition of your internal systems. The second point is that our body does not regard skin, nails, and hair as the most important organs, and that is why they receive vitamins, minerals, and other useful components one of the last. Add here the external factors we described above plus inevitable aging, and we get wrinkles, loss of volume, decrease in elasticity, loose contours, age spots, and other nightmares. At a certain point, skin rejuvenation procedures are the only way out to help the skin restore its youth and beauty.

Why does the skin lose its former appearance?How can fillers help?

The desperate beauties may panic and run to do cosmetic surgery, but we would say that these are extreme measures. Modern cosmetology runs in leaps and bounds to meet all your beauty needs. Dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxide can work perfectly to eliminate any of the aging signs and help you to get the skin of your dream.

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers

These remedies have made a real breakthrough in the sphere of medicine and cosmetology. Hyaluronic acid (HA) injectable fillers for the face can do real wonders to the skin and facial features, but in this article, we will concentrate our attention on their ability to moisturize and tighten the skin tissues.

HA is of the main components of the intercellular matrix. It forms the supporting frame of the skin and takes part in the elastin and collagen production. It is not strange that when the resources of HA in the body decrease, the skin sags, becomes loose, wrinkled, and dull. When the doctor injects the dermal filler into the skin, HA immediately attracts and binds water molecules, and due to its liquid but viscous texture homogenously and evenly fills all hollow spaces in the tissue. The patient sees incredible immediate visible results that improve with the time. Among these types of remedies, we commend Juvéderm Volite, Restylane Vital and Vital Light, Teosyal Redensity 1 and Teosyal RHA1, Profhilo, Stylage Hydro, and Hydro Max.

Can fillers be used in the neck? Yes, of course. Moreover, they can be also used for décolleté and even hands.

Calcium hydroxide dermal fillers

These remedies are perfect for nourishment, moisturizing, and relaunching of the inner processes in the skin. They do not add volume, and the patients do not see immediate effects. However, when the substance gets inside the tissues, it acts on the deep levels of the skin and stimulates more active collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production. The skin rejuvenation occurs not as a result of a foreign substance administration, but due to the relaunched and strengthened work of inner processes. After a few weeks, the patients see the first fillers for neck and face wrinkles results. These remedies act purposefully at hydration and tightening of the skin. Among the brands, which offer fillers with calcium hydroxide, we can distinguish Radiesse.

What is the best line filler for your face?

Your face and neck differ from millions of others not simply by the outward signs, but individual peculiarities and needs as well. Your age, daily skincare, habits, and way of life may have a serious impact on the condition of your skin. That is why it is difficult to advise you on the remedy, which would work perfectly in your case. To get the best result, which would meet your expectations, solve the problems of your skin, and last as long as possible, a consultation with a professional cosmetologist would be the best option.

If you notice the first aging sign on the facial or neck area, do not delay and start acting right away. In addition, if you want to be the first one to know the freshest news from the sphere of beauty, health, care, medicine, and cosmetology, subscribe to our blog at and find out the opinions from the experienced experts in the sphere.

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