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What are the Best Fillers for Cheeks?

dermal fillers for cheeks

What are the Best Fillers for Cheeks?

Modern cosmetology does wonder. If previously it aimed at the fight with aging, now, it goes further and can even modify the natural features of the face. Why are fillers for cheeks so topical nowadays? Perhaps this is a tribute to the popularity and beauty of some celebrities like Angelina Jolie, maybe something else, but this is the fact – defined cheekbone and cheeks are one of the hottest trends and in-demand beauty procedures. Let us find out the best dermal fillers for cheeks to make this area plump, defined, and beautiful.

Dermal fillers differences

It could seem that everything is simple. Dermal fillers can be with hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxide. The second kind does not give volume, so it does not suit our aim from the beginning. What about hyaluronic acid? Do all of them can work as perfect injectable fillers for cheeks? The answer is no.

The trick is that hyaluronic acid is the base for such brands of dermal fillers as Juvederm, Saypha, Revanesse, Restylane, Sculptra, Belotero, and others, but its consistency, viscosity, and density varies even inside the line of one brand, not to mention different manufacturers. This is explained by various skin thickness in various areas. Thus, the skin under eyes is much tenderer and thinner than, for example, on the forehead and vice versa. For maximum natural and beautiful outcomes, the developers have elaborated different fillers. For instance, the line of Juvederm (which is a best-seller product at EuromexDE) includes:

  • Ultra (2,3,4, Smile, XC, Plus XC),
  • Hydrate,
  • Volbella,
  • Volite,
  • Volift Retouch.

The best fillers for cheeks

In all this variety of remedies and brands, let us figure out the key properties we should pay attention to get the best desired aesthetic result. First of all, the skin in these areas is quite dense and thick what automatically applies that we should choose a dense filler for the hyaluronic acid in the drug perfectly bind with the tissues and provide additional volume.
An incredible percentage of plastic and cosmetic doctors prefer Juvederm, Restylane, and Sculptra cheek fillers among all brands. Juvederm Voluma is a perfect candidate to belong to the cosmetic fillers for cheeks as it has got a wonderful property to visually plump the tissues of the skin. From the Restylane drugs, we can single out Perlane filler, which is also effective for the creation of the cheeks of your dream.

How long does cheek filler last?

Like all fillers with hyaluronic acid, these are temporary are too. The natural processes in the organism, together with facial movement in the area, split and digest the molecules of the injected gel, gradually removing it from the tissues. However, the good news is that due to the dense consistency of the filler, they last longer in the cheeks than, let us say, in lips. When other fillers require reinjection to prolong the visibility of the result after approximately nine months, cheek filler may last twelve months or even more. Still, everything is individual and depends on the brand you choose, your metabolism, way of life, and proper face care.

How much does cheek filler cost?

The final price for the procedure will be determined by the product you together with your doctor choose for the procedure, as the pricing niche in this category swings between $200 to even $600 for a package, the chosen dosage, and of course, the services of the cosmetic clinic.

For the certifies specialists, EuroMex offers a great variety of dermal fillers and other cosmetic drugs at the really affordable prices.
Side effects and recovery

Hyaluronic acid in the dermal fillers for cheeks is of non-animal origin, hypoallergenic, and totally safe to use. Although the procedure involves minimal external invasion, the injection still has minor side effects, which appear in the form of redness, tenderness, sensitivity, swelling, or bruising at the injection site. These symptoms are temporary and would not interfere with returning to normal life immediately after the procedure. The only exception would be to avoid the gym, sunbathing, and spa during the next 2-3 days.

Final word

We can hardly tell you the main reasons people get cheek filler. The only thing we know is that full and defined cheeks and cheekbones are very beautiful. And now, if you decide to have cheeks injections, you know what filler will work better. However, individual consultation with a specialist is always the best way to get perfect desired outcomes.

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