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Universal dermal fillers for all areas: face, lips, and eyes

Universal dermal fillers for all areas: face, lips, and eyes

Universal dermal fillers for all areas: face, lips, and eyes

Our skin is incredible. Day by day, it protects us from the sun and wind, bears makeup, and stands other awful things we may do for it. It deserves care and reward. And what can be better for the skin than inner rejuvenation, filling with hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin, which restore it, moisturize, and nourish, renew the elasticity, lift, and smooth? This is not a fairy tale. These are dermal fillers. Today, we will speak about these magic remedies and try to find out a universal one to suit all areas: face, lips, and eyes.

What are dermal fillers?

The injectable solutions in the form of a viscous and transparent gel with mainly one active component (hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxide, polylactic acid, etc.) are called dermal fillers as the doctor introduces the agent directly into the skin.

The unique peculiarity of the modern remedies is that their components are of synthetic origin what means they do not cause allergies and body rejections. At the same time, their physical and chemical characteristics are very close to the natural substances, allowing them to perform the initial functions: fill the creases, boost collagen and elastin production, hydrate, etc.

Does a universal filler exist?

The market abounds with various brands (Juvederm, Restylane, Belotero, Saypha, Radiesse, and we can continue the list for thirty minutes if not more). Moreover, inside one brand, there is a line of at least five remedies. The question is what the differences among them are and whether there is one filler, which would work well for the face, eyes, and lips?

Well, hypothetically, yes. All filler injections include just one active component (not taking into account Lidocaine), so they can be injected into various zones on the face and body. So, why have the manufacturers elaborated so many kinds of dermal fillers? Or is it, in reality, just a marketing trick?

The truth is that all of them are gels with hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxide, or polylactic acid, but they differ by their density and level of viscosity. The skin under the eyes, around the mouth, on the forehead, and cheeks, for example, differs, so when you inject wrinkles filler for face into the tender area under eyes, you may get not as pleasant result as you expected. At the same time, hollow eyes fillers cannot plum your lips or eliminate nasolabial folds.

Which fillers are best for the face?

When we say “face”, we mean chin, jawline, cheeks and cheekbones, forehead, and temples. These are areas with dense and thick skin, so the filler should be with sufficient viscosity to solve the possible problems in this area:

  • Feel deeper creases (e.g., nasolabial folds or horizontal lines on the forehead);
  • Add considerable volume (define cheekbones, correct jawline, enhance the chin).

The most suitable will be remedied with hyaluronic acid. However, just a consultation with a professional doctor will give you a specific answer.

Which dermal filler is best for under eyes?

This is a very tender and sensitive area, where the skin is incredibly thin. The filler for eyes should be light to feel in the creases gently without plumping the tissues and looking unnatural. If you inject any filler designed for the face (like Juvederm Voluma or Belotero Balance), you may look overdone, perhaps, with swollen skin under the eyes. A perfect alternative may be Belotero Soft.

Once again, do not choose filler on your own. To avoid any complications and unpleasant results, consult with the cosmetologist before deciding upon beauty injections.

What fillers are used for lips?

The lip filler should provide additional volume, correct the shape, define the contours, eliminate asymmetry, smooth lines, and hydrate.

Most of the brands have separate remedies for lips:


Does there exist one universal filler for all areas on the face? Unfortunately or fortunately, no. Different facial zones have got various peculiarities of the skin and needs. The only exception may be fillers which aim exclusively at hydration of the skin tissues and providing radiance of the complexion.

The range of dermal fillers presented on the modern cosmetology market can solve any skin problem and help you to reach the appearance of your dream. What filler to choose? All mentioned above brands offer top-quality products. The key is to find a professional and experienced doctor who would ‘feel’ your desires.

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