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Traditional Facelift vs Noninvasive Facelift

dermal filler facelift

Traditional Facelift vs Noninvasive Facelift

Plastic surgery was at its peak for a few dozens of years, but now, fewer and fewer people are ready to risk their health and life for the sake of beauty with unpredictable results (let us remember Donatella Versace, Melanie Griffith, and Jocelyn Wildenstein’s sad examples). Moreover, pain, long recovery, potential risks, the cost of the procedure itself, and recent trends for naturalness make the doctors look for new and new ways to rejuvenate their patients with minimal external invasion. Noninvasive facelift with dermal fillers is a perfect modern alternative to traditional surgeries.

What is a facelift?

It, together with the nose job and mammoplasty, leads the top parade of plastic surgery. It is a very popular kind of plastic invasion, especially among mature women, which aims at defining facial contours and eliminating other aging signs.

Gravity slowly but surely “pulls” us down. Of course, this is a figurative expression, but there is some truth in this. Moreover, the resources of the components, which form the frame of the skin (collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid) gradually decrease, making it less elastic and firm. That is the major reason why wrinkles appear, and the face losses former clear contours. For a very long time, deep plane facelift with the help of a scalpel of a plastic surgeon was the only way to prolong youth for a few more years.

How does it work? Everything is simple. The doctor cuts off the excess skin. As a result, it tightens, and the contours lift. The greatest minus of this procedure except for the ones we mentioned above is that it may leave visible traces like scars. Sometimes, the doctor may overdo, and the face looks too strained and artificial.

What is a non surgical facelift?

The invention of synthetic hyaluronic acid broadened the horizons of cosmetology incredibly that now, it is a serious competitor to the plastic surgery with a claim to win. Dermal fillers, with HA at their base, can solve a wide range of aging problems, not worse than a skilled and experienced surgeon. At the moment, hyaluronic acid fillers are the best non invasive facelift method.
How does it work? It does not remove anything. On the contrary, HA attracts and binds with the molecules of water, gently fills the shallow areas in the skin tissues, and plumps it from inside. The result is visible immediately. Dermal filler facelift physically fills and adds volume to the areas of injection that tightens the skin and automatically lifts and defines the contours.

Surgery vs non invasive facelift


Plastic surgery provides the patient with a visible effect of rejuvenating, visible after the recovery process, which may take up to a month. The procedure is effective for defining the contours, skin lifting, and removing of wrinkles and folds.

Dermal fillers provide immediate visible results, which will slightly improve with the time. The procedure does not require any require and is accompanied by minor slight side effects like redness, bruising, and swelling. The injections can add volume, correct the shapes, eliminate wrinkles, tighten, and lift the skin.

Duration of effect

Plastic surgery’s effects may last for a few years, but everything depends on the patient’s age.

Non-invasive facelift lasts between six to twenty-four months. The temporality of the result is not always a drawback. It allows a person to check and, if needed, decrease or increase the dosage of the filler. In this case, the doctor would be able to determine the best proportion to reach the effect of the client’s dream. Plastic surgery does not provide such an option.

The duration depends on the client’s age, chosen remedy, style of life, and the area of injection. The benefit is that re-injection will help to maintain the effect without harm to health. Unfortunately, it does not work for patients older than sixty-years.


The price for a traditional facelift is unbelievable. It would not be so costly if the patient could be sure he/she would get long-lasting, satisfying results. Unfortunately, plastic surgery is a kind of lottery, where even the best surgeon cannot guarantee a positive outcome.

Facelift cost with hyaluronic acid dermal fillers is several times cheaper and more affordable. Moreover, the re-injection is required after several months, so the patient does not feel he/she spends a considerable amount of money from the budget.

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