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Top Biggest Medical Aesthetics Trends of Autumn 2020

Top Biggest Medical Aesthetics Trends of Autumn 2020

Top Biggest Medical Aesthetics Trends of Autumn 2020

2019 was literally hot concerning the beauty trends and innovations, and 2020 is even more promising. The new-coming fresh tendencies from the East, especially Southern Korea, promise to alter the beauty trends in the following autumn season and enhance the development of new technologies and cosmetic procedures. So, what new is waiting for us in the autumn of 2020?


Although it is not a novelty, in 2020, a trend for a naturally beautiful face and body will have a considerable impact on the development of the beauty industry. The people tend to enhance their natural resources rather than alter them and become a new person with a new face and figure. It will boost laser procedures and innovative injectables, especially those hyaluronic acid- or collagen-based with new power.


Trend, which follows from the previous one, and is a result of the influence of Korean fashion. No more fully mat stone faces with tones of matting powder on. It is time to shine with natural beauty and youth. But do not hurry to replace the matting powder with radiant foundation or highlighter. If you want to get a healthy glow of your skin from “inside” and a perfectly smooth poreless face, you would need to use new technologies in skin hydrating injectables. The new dermal fillers of 2020 will fill the skin with collagen, align water balance, deeply hydrate the skin tissues, and make it look shiny and healthy as never before.


When we are talking about the maximum natural look, it cannot imply visible scars or other invasions, especially from surgeries. As beauty procedures gain extreme popularity among those who are twenty or thirty years old, seeking new ways to prevent aging signs on their skin rather than dealing with them in the future, a boom in inventing and developing the non-invasive skin tightening methods is expected.

Ultherapy and Happy Face techniques are on the top now. The first method uses ultrasound waves to stimulate collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin. The second one implies cosmetic injections for lower face skin contouring. But this is just the beginning. The industry is working hard to develop new and new methods of tightening, hydrating, and nourishing the skin with minimal invasions and no visible signs.


Lips are always in business. Women of all times were struggling to get juicy and plump sexy lips. In 2020, everything remains the same with a tiny exception for naturally-looking lips. This implies a more individual approach to lip augmentation, which concerns the natural contours of the patients’ lips, peculiarities of the tissues to create a perfect natural contour and volume suitable for every separate patient instead of cloning the same lips.


We are all aware of the fact that all beauty procedures and even the skincare depends on the skin type, and sometimes, on its tone. Different types of skin have different problems when the darker skin usually suffers, let’s say, from extra pigmentation, the lighter skin struggles with redness, and so on. Fortunately, in recent times, there is an increased interest in adopting all skin procedures, including chemical peelings, laser, and collagen inductions for all types of skin tones. Finally, skincare procedures will become available for a wide range of women of different colours.


The innovations will touch not just the face procedures, but body as well. New devices and techniques are under development to help people lose weight, get rid of cellulite, correct their shapes, and improve the general condition of the skin. One of the hottest and trendiest sculpting options in the sphere are EmSculpt and light therapy. The numerous cases prove the extreme benefits of using heat and radiofrequency on the skin and muscles of the body, especially if combined with professional lymphatic drainage massages, regular exercising, and food diet. The opportunity to lie and relax, enjoy the procedure and still get slimmer, and improve the skin of the body is very tempting, and this is what will sponsor the increasing popularity of similar procedures in the autumn of 2020.


Wow, literally the hottest medical aesthetics trend of the upcoming season. By the way, it is one more trend, which came from Southern Korea. In the patients’ desire to look perfect on the sunny beaches this year, the doctors decided to make cosmetic injections of botulinum toxin into parts of the body and noticed satisfactory effects. They helped to slim the calves, shoulders, and neck, the most problematic areas, which can hardly be improved with more traditional ways like doing sport exercising.

To put it briefly, 2020 is promising to be interesting with a number of exciting novelties in the sphere of beauty. Botox and dermal fillers will be still on top, providing the most natural results helping to restore the young appearance and prevent aging. If you want to prepare before the hottest season of the year, our website offers you to buy dermal fillers wholesale and save money with our flexible system of discounts.

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