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The filler brand of well-known “Princess” is replaced by the brand “Saypha”


The filler brand of well-known “Princess” is replaced by the brand “Saypha”

The well-known HA filler brand “Princess”, as it was promulgated by the Australian family-owned company Croma-Pharma GmbH (Croma) will be gradually replaced by the brand “saypha” on all international markets, starting from Europe. The company founded in 1976, specializes in the industrial production of syringes of hyaluronic acid in the field of medical aesthetics, orthopedics and ophthalmology, and heads 12 international sales companies with product distribution in more than 70 countries around the globe states its readiness for the changes. Given that Chroma has always focused on their own products and minimally invasive aesthetic medicine, it is not surprising that the company has declared its desire to move forward, harmonizing various brands of its own aesthetic products.

Croma`s direction towards globalization led it to essential rebranding and incremented botulinum toxin Botulax Hugel procedures approbation and at the same time caused the urgency for a more medical brand of HA-filler, exclusively addressing medical professionals. As a result the new Korean product Botulax created by toxin producer Hugel Inc. was licensed by Croma recently. Aiming to develop and commercialize Croma’s HA filler and PDO thread products altogether with Hugel’s product Botulax they established a joint venture company in such states as US, Australia, Canada and Incipient Zealand.

As it was stated by Andreas Prinz, Croma’s Managing Director, the replacement of product Princess was necessary due to several reasons. First of all, the brand wasn`t advised or approved for lots of existing and future markets, not to mention that the brand saypha, which was introduced in 2017, is consistent with Croma the all-encompassing umbrella brand. That means, you can streamline and market the product all around the world with unifying look and effect. As the company seeks to make progress and takes the path of internationalization, it is necessary to forget about the standardized view of the company created for the current audience, namely for healthcare professionals. Moreover, the company has taken into account the numerous requests of customers, which is the main reason that all products of saypha are easy to distinguish from each other. In addition, all saypha products were created on the basis of medical science and evidence based medicine, as well as on the Chroma company unchanged values. Saypha is a high quality, reliable, and medically effective product that will become the new global HA filler brand.

Information on saypha

The Croma HA filler range consists of six products: saypha RICH, saypha FILLER (with/without lidocaine), saypha® VOLUME (with/without lidocaine) and saypha VOLUME PLUS Lidocaine.

The products target individual needs of the patients:

  • saypha RICH (CE 0459) replenishes the hyaluronic acid loss due to aging process, improves hydration process, skin tone and elasticity and corrects small lines. The product is injected into the superficial dermal layer.
  • saypha FILLER (CE 0459) and saypha FILLER Lidocaine (CE 0120) corrects facial wrinkles and folds (moderate and severe) and increases lip volume (only applicable for saypha FILLER Lidocaine). The product is injected into the mid to deep dermis.
  • saypha VOLUME (CE 0459) and saypha VOLUME Lidocaine (CE 0120) is used for for the correction of deeper wrinkles and folds and for building facial volume/remodeling facial contours. The product is injected into a deeper skin layer (deep dermis or subcutis).
  • saypha VOLUME PLUS Lidocaine (CE 0120) is intended for facial tissue augmentation in order to correct midface volume deficit and shape the contours of the face as well as for reconstructive purposes in the treatment, for instance, of facial lipoatrophy. The product is injected subcutaneously, supraperiosteally or into the deep dermis.

All of products above are predicated on non-animal derived hyaluronic acid and are manufactured in accordance with the highest safety and quality standards.

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