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The best dermal fillers of 2022

The best fillers of 2018

The best dermal fillers of 2022

Nowadays, the filler market (dermal fillers based on various active substances) is so diverse, and it is not easy to understand the changes in the product’s components and novelties even for experienced cosmetologists.

Every six months more and more fillers appear on the market, created by top brands, which offer their products as something new, refined and unique. For example, American and European world-famous brands are increasingly persecuted by South Korean manufacturers of fillers and botulinum toxins. Currently, South Korean companies give up in the rating of famous brands, but the future of cosmetology depends on the innovations and developments from the East. There are already well-known oriental products on the market, which became extremely popular, for example:

  • Dermaheal
  • Botulax
  • Revofil
  • Neuronox
  • Neuramis

Just 3-4 years ago, only a few groups of cosmetologists knew these oriental brands, considering them as a weak analog of European ones. And today, the entire world of cosmetologists gradually introduces these fillers, revitalizants, meso cocktail, botulinum toxins into practice for their clients. To find out what trends are waiting for us tomorrow, we talked about the market development prospects with leading sellers of cosmetic products and also interviewed cosmetologists to hear their opinion about the demand structure for fillers.

Top 5 Best Dermal Filler Brands in 2018.

#5 Radiesse

radiesse dermal filler

The 5th place in the rating takes Radiesse. This filler created on the basis of a native substance – Calcium Hydroxyapatite. At one time, this substance was used in medicine: in surgery, ophthalmology, dentistry, as well as to replenish lost living tissues in HIV-infected patients. The difference between Radiesse and hyaluronic-based fillers is that all 4 types of its gel (2-without lidocaine, 2-containing anesthetic) have the same concentration of substance and density, but differ in doses. A larger syringe (1.5 ml) is suitable for serious volumetric modeling, and a smaller volume (0.8 ml) is sufficient to correct small wrinkles on the face. DKA-based calcium fillers stay longer in living tissues (18-20 months), they are suitable for those who have a hyaluronic acid hypersensitivity. However, these fillers are not recommended for patients up to 35 years old, they are also forbidden to implant in the delicate zones (perioral and periorbital), as well as in the lips. As we know, the demand for this treatment in 2018 created a significant competition for hyaluronic-based fillers.

#4 Teosyal

teosyal dermal filler

The 4th place in the list of bestsellers last year took Swiss premium product – one of the most reliable and safe treatment -Teosyal. Swiss cosmetologists from TEOXAN labs guarantee absolute quality: they produce fillers using their OMPS brand technology, which allows controlling of every development phase and each parameter of the final product. Teosyal’s fillers are very plastic, aren’t visible under the skin and can be stored from 12 to 18 months. Due to adding the lidocaine in the most popular PureSense series, these fillers are very comfortable in using. Another undeniable advantage is the wide range, as well as the presence of professional brand makeup cosmetics to support the effect for many months.

#3 Princess (Saypha)

princess dermal filler

The 3rd place goes to Princess.
Efficient filler Princess can make the client’s dream come true. For more than 10 years Princess’s fillers take the highest positions in various popular ratings of cosmetic products. Only 4 items (Princess Filler, Princess Filler Lidocaine, Princess Volume, Princess Volume Lidocaine) are produced according to the proprietary technology called S.M.A.R.T. All gels have a high homogenization, so the effect of correction is always natural and imperceptible. Princess dermal fillers well combined with other products, so the patient does not need to wait until the previous fillers are absorbed.

#2 Stylage

stylage dermal filler

The 2nd place in our rating got the French with their wide choice of fillers from the Stylage series. Stylage has already won fame in cosmetologists. Actually, Stylage fillers are commendable. They are:

  • very plastic;
  • persistent;
  • stable under the skin;
  • demonstrate easily predictable behavior;
  • do not cause strong side effects;
  • easy keeping under the skin during 9, 12 and 18 months depending on the density.

Stylage, with its best indicators, are often used for the popular lip correction procedure today. And if during the first session doctors try to offer the client some drug, which is more fluid and light, then during the second procedure they often switch to the resistant and soft Stylage.

#1 Juvederm

juvederm dermal filler
Last year, at the height of sales fame, was a traditional Juvederm brand from the famous market giant – the company Allergan. Apparently, the popularity of Juvederm products is based on the tremendous experience of using this Canadian-American brand. A unique development of Allergan company – the synthesis of hyaluronic acid using VYCROSS technology, which is characterized by the creation of the additional number of transverse bonds between the molecules, has allowed the creation of real high-quality Volumetrics, which became a standard in this industry. The adding of lidocaine in the Ultra series, at one time, began the widespread of addition this anesthetic to competitor’s products. Now, the whole world loves and actively uses Juvederm for making safe and effective contouring plastics procedures. But his direct competitor – the brand from the same concern Surgiderm – gave up the positions, not even entering the top five. This fact shows the tendency that new filler generation comes to replace old ones, which function’s duplicate each other, and offers customers something new, unusual (for example, enrichment with additional components or providing new features for dynamic zones of active facial expressions).

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