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Stylage – Dermal Fillers of New Generation

Stylage – Dermal Fillers of New Generation

Stylage – Dermal Fillers of New Generation

Stylage is a well-known brand in the aesthetic industry famous for producing innovative dermal filler production. These drugs help to correct facial imperfections occurred as results of ageing processes. Doctors apply Stylage to augment lips, correct cheekbones lines, improve the form of nose, chin or cheeks.

The drug is produced by French company Vivacy and consists of Hyaluronic Acid (substance that naturally exists in human body, causes the moisturizing action, and makes the skin elastic and flexible), Mannitol (natural antioxidant that lessens the swelling after the injection), and Lidocaine (anesthetic that neutralize pain by relaxing facial muscles).

Doctors from all around the world recommend Stylage due to its efficiency and safety. The drug doesn’t cause allergic reactions and perfectly fits patients with hypersensitive skin. Stylage dosage depends on the treated area and may last even 18 months.

Stylage’s Types: Short Overview

The company constantly improves its work, develops new formulas and implements new methods. Currently, Vivacy produces 7 Stylage’s types designed to improve different skin areas.

  • Stylage S (designed for smoothing out crow’s feet and little wrinkles);
  • Stylage M ( doctors inject Stylage filler into deep and middle skin layers; it effectively aligns nasolabial folds and deep wrinkles);
  • Stylage L (eliminates pronounced folds and mimic wrinkles in the lower part of the face; the drug is often used for contouring procedures);
  • Stylage XL (the filler is effective for facial oval sculpting, it makes the tissues and sagging skin dense and elastic);
  • Stylage XXL (designed for global contour lifting and natural facial symmetry restoration);
  • Stylage Hydro (special formula for intensive skin moisturizing and biorevitalization);
  • Special Lips (consists of the high degree of Hyaluron and Mannitol and is used for lips augmentation; Stylage lips effect may last even 9 months).

How Effective the Drug Is

Stylage is the monophasic and completely sterile gel, pyrogen-free, and does not require an allergy test. Medical specialists who use Stylage lip filler or any other kind of the drug admit its high plasticity, ease of use, absence of redness, irritation, edema and other reactions after the injection. In average, the procedure lasts 20 minutes. It is absolutely safe, and painless. After the injection, you may observe small bruises, swelling of the face but these side effects should go away within 1-2 days.

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