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Storing and Reusing of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Storing and Reusing of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

The popularity of dermal fillers is continuously growing. The patients are getting younger, and the doctors find new and new ways to use these remedies in their practice. So, there is no wonder the fillers disappear from store shelves like hotcakes. To plump lips? Lift cheeks? Eliminate the nasolabial folds? Erase the dark circles under eyes? Improve the face contour? Add volume to the loose skin on the neck and hands? Dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid can do it all. However, due to the newest trends for maximum natural results or per client’s request, the doctor may not use the full dosage of the remedy. And what is next? Is it safe to use it for another patient? Where to store dermal fillers? In this article, we will try to find out the answers.

General Storage Recommendations

When the package is untouched, there are no a lot of things to think about how to store dermal fillers. When you buy the drug, there will be a special insert on how to keep it safe and preserve the basic qualities of the substance. Please, study carefully and follow all the instructions of the manufacturer to ensure the filler is top-quality and completely safe. Any violations of the storage conditions may harm the drug and lead to serious consequences once applied under the patient’s skin. Most of the manufacturers recommend keeping the fillers in a cool, dry, dark place at the room temperature that does not exceed 25 ͦ C. In some cases, the filler may demand colder temperature or storage in the fridge. Once again, all these details will be indicated on the package of the drug, as well as the expiration date.

Storage and Reuse of Dermal Fillers

Everything is quite easy with the closed packages, but the situation gets more complicated when the cosmetic doctor opens it and does not use the whole dosage. Especially frequently, it happens with the dermal lip fillers. In the desire for the naturally beautiful lips, the patients do not want to inject the whole syringe, and the cosmetologists should decide what to do with what is left. In recent times, it is one of the most arguable issues, and there are many points of view. Some of the specialists strongly insist on throwing away leftovers for the safety of the patients, being afraid there may be bacterial growth in the substance and infection of the skin tissues. The others, who take into consideration the quite high dermal fillers price and count the losses incurred by the clinic every time throwing out incomplete jars with filler, try to find safe and efficient ways to store the drugs and successfully use them in the future.

Trying to answer this urgent question are dermal fillers safe when stored after initial usage, the specialists from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Pennsylvania have conducted a study. As the greatest concern is associated with bacterial contamination and infection risks, they examined the unfinished bottles of Restylane and Juvederm fillers. Some of them were kept in dry and cold places for about nine months and the second part for approximately twelve months in the syringe in the fridge at the temperature of 4 ͦ C. The results were quite positive and did not identify an increase in bacterial growth in any of the samples. The doctors used the new sterile needles, carefully monitored the expiration date of the drugs, and as a result, the patients got positive results. The storage did not have any influence on the remedies’ technical and chemical characteristics, the outcomes after the procedure, or any additional unexpected dermal fillers’ side effects.


The good news for all the cosmetic doctors – you can keep the unfinished jars and use them for future injections without risks infecting the patient and get sad consequences. The only thing is to make sure it is hermetically closed and monitor the expiration date.

In this time of global pandemics, safety is the main priority. EuromexDE, one of the best dermal fillers online stores, pays extreme attention to the storage conditions, hygiene measures, and good packages of all the drugs. We are a reliable distributor of cosmetic drugs and make extreme efforts to make sure you and your patients get the top-quality products.

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