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Serum vs Cream: Which Skincare is More Effective?

Serum vs cream: which skincare is more effective?

Serum vs Cream: Which Skincare is More Effective?

The variety of skincare products for everyday life routines is so large nowadays, it is very easy to get confused among all the available options. Goods for different skin types, ages, aesthetic purposes, and other various factors appear so quickly, it is very hard to remember the peculiarities of them all.

Today, we would like to discuss two products some people cannot differentiate pretty often – skin serums and creams. Both skin care products are effective and have an extremely positive influence on the appearance and overall face condition; however, it is important to understand which one to choose and how to use them properly. So, without further ado, let’s start the discussion!

What is serum, and how should I use it?

Facial serums – products that are mainly used in the nighttime skincare routine right after the toner. It includes a concentrated amount of active ingredients, thus have more active molecules and can reach even the deepest layers of the dermis. Thanks to a high level of beneficial components, the results become noticeable pretty fast.

As serum penetrate deeper dermis levels and start working there, it should be “sealed” somehow to provide the maximum effect. That’s where creams come in handy. They kind of lock active ingredients and, in this way, has a very positive influence even on dry skin. Serums do not contain the ‘sealing’ components like petrolatum and mineral oils that moisturizers, and creams often use to stop water from evaporating from the skin. They also do not include nut and seed oils because those are lubricating and thickening agents, which can affect the moisturizing effect. This feature allows face serum to go through the skin barrier and get the maximum positive result.

Depending on the person’s goals, serums can be divided into a few categories: moisturizing, anti-aging, texture improvement, skin brightening, free-radical fighting, etc. A proper type should be chosen individually or, if there are any doubts, together with a beautician.

Face cream – skin care tips you need to know

Face cream is the next step in your skin care routine after quality serum application. These skin hydrating emollients also have a lot of variation, such as a day or night cream, a product for the young or aging dermis, dry, combined, or oily skin, and many other factors. Since cream has a gel-like texture and larger molecules than serums, it works only on the surface layer of the dermis. However, with its help, it is possible to moisturize the epidermis or surface layer of the skin after careful removing of dead skin cells.

Professionals recommend having two separate types of moisturizers for the morning and nighttime rituals. The first one should include sunscreen and vitamin C to avoid sun damage and possible skin pigmentation; the second is mainly include hyaluronic acid (HA), retinol, vitamin E, and other antioxidants.

In case you have dry or sensitive skin, you should look for a moisturizer with increased hydrating effects. Look for products with such ingredients in their composition:

  • Ceramides (those that protect the dermis from environmental irritants and keep moisture longer).
  • Glycerin (it has the ability to heal skin damage).
  • Lactic acid (it is helpful in removing dead skin cells and allows the cream to get deeper into the skin).

It should be applied twice a day for a maximum positive effect. Look for a product with added anti-aging ingredients. In this way, you will not only make skin look radient, glowing and youthful, but also eliminate minimal aging signs, such as mimic wrinkles, or not very deep creases in the facial area. And, of course, do not forget that neck also requires proper moisturization, so do not skip it when using face serums and creams.

Hyaluronic acid-based products for skin rejuvenation

Even though serums and creams have a lot of variations in their composition and ingredient lists, a lot of them indeed include hyaluronic acid due to the effect it has on our skin. Not only that, these substances are produced naturally by the human body and has a great impact on skin condition.

So, what is the difference between these two types of products, and why is it important to include both of those in your daily skincare routine?

  • Creams are effective only on the top layers of the dermis, while serums work on a deeper cellular level and deliver useful ingredients to the deep layers of the skin (vitamins, nutrients, and others);
  • The serum works more effectively because it has a larger amount of positive ingredients in its composition than cream. When moisturizers include approximately 10 percent of active components, serums can do up to seventy;
  • Serums leave out all thick pieces and fewer fillers; in this way, they can reach deep dermis layers. Creams, on the other hand, are doing a moisturizer’s job on the outside.

Can I combine serum and cream?

If you have never used cream and skin serums together, you should immediately rearrange your skincare routine! Creams are not able to moisturize the skin properly and, if combined with serums, they can achieve much better results and a younger-looking appearance. It is their biggest difference. It acts like a shield that keeps all useful ingredients in the dermis until they show their maximum effect.

Serums should be applied once a day, usually in the evenings, after the toner. After it is soaked in properly, a cream should be rubbed on top of it. You can use a special roller in order for products to soak in better, as well as for a positive massaging effect. Those are available at almost every beauty salons, shops, as well as online stores.

In order to know which product will work the best for your skin type, you may need a help of a board-certified dermatologist. They will help you to choose the best variant, as well as will tell more about the application nuances and overall effectiveness of these procedures.

Final word

Serums and creams usually work as a team for improving skin conditions. Deep moisturizing, skin rejuvenation, glowing effect afterward – all of this is not a dream if you use its simple combination. Talk to a professional about your skin type, analyze everything together and choose products that would work the best for you. It’s not hard, but you will be thankful to yourself for this decision. Good luck.

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