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Radiesse fillers for empowering your beauty

Radiesse fillers for empowering your beauty - EuroMex - Wholesale Distribution

Radiesse fillers for empowering your beauty

For over 10 years, Radiesse dermal fillers have been in constant demand, both among patients and cosmetologists, as evidenced by more than six million syringes sold worldwide by wholesale suppliers. It is one of the most popular fillers, which revolutionized injection cosmetology has, thanks to an incredible volumizing effect, its prolongation and a record rate of synthesis of patient’s own collagen.

Features and benefits of Radiesse

Radiesse calcium hydroxyapatite as an injectable filler was created by the American pharmaceutical company “BioForm Medical” and was primary (and with the success) used to fill the soft tissue deficit in patients with HIV infection. Later on, it was adopted in dental and surgical practice. Innovative characteristics of the drug were noted by the representatives of aesthetic medicine, and in 2010 the famous Austrian concern “Merz” became as the wholesale supplier of this agent but for primary cosmetic needs.

The Radiesse filler is based on the exclusive use of calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres (a synthetic substance of human bone tissue) and a water-based gel that holds the particles together and transports them to the damaged areas of the dermis. The new Radiesse filler formula allows patients to experience a unique procedure of non-invasive lifting that contributes to such a long rejuvenating effect that traditional hyaluronic acid fillers cannot provide.

A fantastic triple effect

The preparation works in three directions at once:

  • Fills voids formed by wrinkles, folds and uneven reliefs
  • Replenishes the lost volume, creating a durable frame of calcium hydroxyapatite and the patient’s own tissue under the skin
  • Stimulates the production of native collagen, which returns smooth lines and natural look to the facial skin

Radiesse is an absolutely safe and hypoallergenic drug, it is stored in tissues for about two years, and then smoothly and without residue is eliminated from the body in a natural way.

Opportunities of using Radiesse

Despite the small assortment, the capabilities of the Radiesse filler are impressive – in just 30 to 60 minutes the cosmetologist will be able to eliminate the aesthetic problems that previously were as a matter only to a plastic surgeon, such as :

  • Omission of tissues of the most difficult part for correction: around the mouth and in the lower third of the face
  • Irregular nose and earlobes
  • Deformed areas of the face
  • Ptosis of the cheeks and cheekbones, violation of the lines and volume of the chin
  • Deficiency of soft tissues (face, neck, décolleté, hands areas)
  • Scars

The filler is available for buying online in sterile disposable syringes and is presented in two forms, the choice of which is determined by the assigned tasks of correction and the individual characteristics of the patient.

Convenient variety of types

Radiesse gel in a volume of 0.8 ml is used to work with light and medium aesthetic injuries: to correct impairment of the face, a small replenishment of the deficit of subcutaneous tissues, enhance skin tone and elasticity.

To eliminate deep nasolabial folds, shape and volume of cheeks, cheekbones and chin, cosmetologists choose Radiesse in the amount of 1.5 ml. The drug is injected into the deep layers of the dermis and is not suitable for lip augmentation or correction of light wrinkles in the delicate periorbital area.

Both forms of Radiesse are presented in the version with and without lidocaine, which will allow the beautician to choose the best option and carry out the procedure of contour plastics as comfortable as possible for the patient.

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