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Profhilo Treatment for Ageing Arms

Profhilo Treatment For Ageing Arms

Profhilo Treatment for Ageing Arms

Coco Chanel once said that hands are the business card of a woman. Many of them spend a considerable amount of time and money on the skincare of their faces but neglect the neck, décolleté, and not to mention, hands. It creates a dissonance between a youthful and fresh appearance of the skin on the face and the rest body. The reality is if you really want to look younger than your passport age, you need comprehensive care for the skin of the whole body for a young and beautiful look, especially for those zones frequently exposed to the sights of the others.

What is Profhilo?

It is an advanced dermal filler of a new generation, designed to restore the youthful appearance of the skin on different areas of the face and body. As in most remedies of its kind, hyaluronic acid lies in its basis, making it perfect naturally-close dermal filler for restoring the lost volume, lifting the contours, and eliminating wrinkles. What makes Profhilo skin treatment outstanding in comparison to its analogs is that the molecules of hyaluronic acid are bonded chemically and not thermally. It changes the principle of its action – instead of adding considerable volume and changing the shapes, this remedy boosts inside hydration of the skin, its self-recovery. As a result, the patient gets younger and smoother skin, but not as a result of additional filler, but rather due to relaunched inner processes in the skin tissues.

Why I Need Profhilo Injections?

Unfortunately, with age, the renewing processing in the organism slows down. It loses its ability to restoring and producing new cells. As the organism does not regard skin as a vital organ, it receives minerals and vitamins, last of all. Add here malnutrition, lack of sleep, stress, and bad ecology, and you will understand why the skin loses its naturally beautiful and young appearance so fast.

All of the above leads to a lack of hyaluronic acid in the skin tissues, dehydration, dry skin, loss of elasticity, and appearance of wrinkles. If on the face and neck, the lack of volume can be partially compensated by fat, the hands are mainly very skinny, so the wrinkles, veins, and dryness are very visible here.

If you want to restore the smooth and young appearance of the skin on the hands, Profhilo may become a lifebuoy for you.

How does the Procedure of Injection Look Like?

I hasten to please you that injection takes approximately ten minutes, is very safe, and almost painless. You do not need to stay in the hospital or limit your daily activity directly after the procedure. It decreases the whole Profhilo treatment cost as you do not need any post-injection treatments or rehabilitation.

The doctor will inject the remedy directly under the surface of the skin, and you will notice almost immediate visible results, which will enhance and improve within the following few weeks. The drug will boost the inner hydration of the skin, collagen production, and improve elasticity. It will result in smoothing the wrinkles and restoring the lost volume. One more benefit of Profhilo is its gel-like texture, which allows the remedy to distribute evenly under the skin surface. Finally, you will get the smooth, young, and plump appearance of the skin on your hands.

Are There Any Risks?

Like any other medical procedure, injections of Profhilo demand consultation and thorough examination of the doctor. Inform your therapist about any allergies, health or skin problems, as well as current medications you take. If everything is fine and you follow the doctor’s instructions, there should not be any complications except for general Profhilo side effects, which include:

  • painful feeling
  • redness
  • itching
  • swallowing
  • bruising

Where to Buy Profhilo?

You can purchase it in a variety of offline and online stores. Our website can offer you an authentic product from the original supplier at the most affordable cost for Profhilo. If you have any further questions, our team is happy to help you to make the correct choice.

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