Sculptra 2 Vials

Sculptra 2 Vials

Along with the most popular hyaluronic excipients in rejuvenating injection proc


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Brief review of the Sculptra brand.

The Sculptra fillers based on polylactic acid has become known since 1999. At that time, the product was used to restore facial volume of the people who had AIDS. Until 2004, the brand was called NewFill. The method for correction of facial contours with this filler was invented by Alan Zhokke. Thanks to his method, thousands of patients suffering from muscle and skin tissue deficiency were able to feel themselves beautiful and fulfilled again. At present, the Sculptra filler is used in aesthetic medicine. The product is manufactured by the French company Sanofi. Th Sculptra filler is very popular. It is used in more than 20 countries worldwide. The filler is made synthetically, the substance does not contain components of animal origin, that is why the organism does not give a negative immune response and the correction is carried out without complications. The correction product acts in two stages:

  • At first, wrinkles are filled in and there are no volume of physical presence of the gel;
  • then the natural process of the developing of own collagen is started, which maintains youth and elasticity of the skin.

After two sessions, collagen is synthesized 30-40% more than before the procedure. In order to achieve the most optimal result, you need 3 procedures with intervals of 4-6 weeks. The first changes will become noticeable two weeks after the first session. According to the monitoring of the cosmetologists who have worked with Sculptra, the effect of the procedure lasts about 2 years, and sometimes longer, however the procedure is recommended to be carried out annually.

Problems solved after the procedure with the Sculptra dermal filler

Generally, the Sculptra filler is used to restore volume in the area of ​​cheeks, chin, cheekbones, remodel the facial features, even skin relief and deprive of scars. In addition, the product works well with the nasolabial folds and mental creases. The cosmetologists who have worked with this product do not recommend using it to even wrinkles on the forehead and fill periorbital wrinkles. Such cosmetic defects are better eliminated with the help of hyaluronic acid or botulinum toxin. An intracutaneous implant based on polylactic acid is recommended for patients who are under the age of 35. To make the procedure more comfortable and less painful, cosmetologists add lidocaine to the Sculptra fillers or inject anaesthetic before the procedure.

Fillers based on polylactic acid are allowed to be combined with hyaluronic gels and botulotoxin, however they are forbidden to be used with permanent implants. Chemical peeling, laser polishing and thermage help to increase the results of the fillers.

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