Teosyal Puresense Ultra Deep (2×1.2ml)

Teosyal Puresense Ultra Deep (2x1.2ml)

Teosyal Puresense Ultra Deep (2×1.2ml)

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Cosmetologists give preference to those same brands from year to year, which has proved to be the best fillers for correcting wrinkles, giving volume to the lips, reinforcing and shaping the face.

One of such “favorites” is the TEOSYAL brand, produced by the Swiss company “TEOXANE”. Entering the market in 2003, these gels have firmly taken the third place in popularity among fillers based on hyaluronic acid. The secret of such success lies in the high-quality standard and in the variety of the assortment in series.

For example, TEOSYAL PURESENSE ULTRA DEEP 2×1.2ml has proven its safety in practice: the developers were monitoring the effect of this preparation drug for more than 5 years, after which the number of cases of adverse reactions to hyaluronate was listed. So, this number was 1/15000, which is one of the lowest indicators for the whole industry.

The word “PureSence” in the name of a product means the presence of an anesthetic lidocaine in the gel. Including this anesthetic element in TEOSYAL PURESENSE ULTRA DEEP 2×1.2ml not only provides a comfortable injection but also reduces the traumatic sensation during a procedure, because the client’s face remains relaxed, the facial muscles are not strained, the skin is not tight and does not resist the penetration of a thin needle.

By the way, the fluidity of TEOSYAL PURESENSE ULTRA DEEP 2×1.2ml allows the use of the thinnest needles for injections, which also contributes to convenience and comfort during the session for both the patient and the specialist himself.

TEOSYAL PURESENSE ULTRA DEEP 2×1.2ml is designed to solve such issues of women and men in mature age:

  • The appearance of deep wrinkles
  • The formation of deep nasolabial folds
  • Formation of creases in the inter-brow and vertical wrinkles in the sub-plot area
  • Loss of volume and asymmetry of the lips
  • Inadequate relief in the zygomatic area
  • Ptosis of the face, loss of the shape of the face, “sagging” of the skin.

All these problems are easily solved by the injection of TEOSYAL PURESENSE ULTRA DEEP 2×1.2ml, which creates and restores the volume, facial contours, smooths nasolabial folds and deep wrinkles fills the nasal area, eliminates skin ptosis. You can buy TEOSYAL PURESENSE ULTRA DEEP 2×1.2ml in EuroMex online store at an affordable price and with the fast shipping. Also, we provide professional and kind support, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions regarding product, procedure or terms and conditions.

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4 reviews for Teosyal Puresense Ultra Deep (2×1.2ml)

  1. Roberto

    I bought a few packages of Teosyal on your website several days ago. Special thanks to your customer support agent Emma for being so helpful!

  2. Rebecca Dorsett

    I’ll be short here: a great product for a great price! Thanks for delivering it so fast!

  3. Hanna

    Easy ordering process, fast delivery, and solid packaging. Thank you for the nice service in both words and deeds! I have found a reliable place of where to order cosmetic injectables!

  4. Lea

    What an amazing injectable for anti-aging treatments! Its results are fabulous, always use it for my patients.

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