Synvisc (3x2ml)

Synvisc (3x2ml)

Synvisc (3x2ml)

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SYNVISC is an effective biological analogue of hyaluronan. Hyaluronan is a element of synovial fluid, which determines its specific viscoelastic properties. Those viscoelastic attributes of SYNVISC, however, are higher than those of the synovial fluid and the hyaluronan solution at comparable concentrations.

Therapeutic effect of SYNVISC is associated with “filling in the viscosity”, whereby the physiological and rheological status of the affected joint tissues is improved. Replenishment of viscosity with the injection of SYNVISC leads to a pain reduction and discomfort elimination, followed by an improvement in functions of the affected joint. In addition, studies have shown that SYNVISC protects articular cartilage from mechanical and chemical damage.

SYNVISC has such indications for its applying:

  • Is intended for temporary replacement of synovial fluid
  • It is indicated to patients, who are suffering from knee osteoarthritis at any stage
  • It is most effective in the treatment of patients who lead an active lifestyle and who regularly load the affected joint.
  • It is intended only for intra-articular injection for the treatment of pain syndrome caused by osteoarthrosis of the knee joint.

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SYNVISC contains a small amount of chicken protein, so care should be taken when treating patients with appropriate hypersensitivity. This agent also has some contraindications:

  • Venous or lymphatic stasis on the side of the affected joint
  • An infected or heavily inflamed joint, signs of a skin infection in the immediate vicinity of the injection site
  • Hypersensitivity (allergy) to preparations of hyaluronan (hyaluronan sodium)
  • Pregnancy, lactation period.

In addition, do not inject SYNVISC while it is significant intra-articular effusion. As with any other invasive procedure on the joint, after the SYNVISC injection, the patient is advised to adhere to a gentle regimen and avoid excessive stress on the joint for several days.

The effectiveness of a course of treatment, containing less than three injections, is not guaranteed. Efficacy and safety of SYNVISC when used on other joints, except the knee and in case of other indications, except for osteoarthritis, will not be guaranteed. SYNVISC must not be used to treat pregnant women and children under the age of 18.

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    Often turning patients with joint pains and other serious bone diseases seek treatment, so I often recommend this product as it is effective from the first use. The course of treatment is not long but justifies all expectations.

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