Stylage XXL (2x1ml)

Stylage XXL (2x1ml)

Stylage XXL (2x1ml)

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The contour plastic procedure is aimed at correcting wrinkles and age-related changes by injecting fillers based on hyaluronic acid.

Such antioxidant-enriched preparations are the gels of the French company “Vivacy”, which in was 2006 presented its novelty on the world market – a series of dermal fillers STYLAGE.

One of the unique preparations of this line was a monophasic, highly purified gel based on IPN-Like hyaluronic acid with the addition of mannitol. STYLAGE XXL 2x1mL is a filler with the highest viscosity. It allows you to solve the problems of:

  • age issues, associated with the loss of volume on the face and hands
  • elimination the flabbiness of the skin due to the tension of the skin.

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Hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, which is the basis of the filler, is synthesized using two technologies. 3D-Matrix Technology makes the gel more elastic by using cross-links within the acid molecule. IPN-Like Technology allows you to achieve longer exposure of the filler to the skin by bonding the BDDE component and also guarantees a delicate gel distribution due to its soft and viscous structure. The concentration of hyaluronic acid in the gel is 21 mg / g.

Strengthening the active substance with 6-nuclear alcohol mannitol, acting as an antioxidant, allows the gel to take any shape under the skin and create a natural volume.

In addition to these components, the preparation includes a phosphate buffer with a pH of 7.2, which helps to minimize edema during the injection.

Usually, STYLAGE XXL is used when there are:

  • signs of premature aging
  • loss of skin elasticity and elasticity due to age
  • past stresses
  • severe weight loss, malnutrition, smoking, and alcohol, resort to this filler.

Filler STYLAGE XXL 2x1mL is the most viscous and volumetric gel in the STYLAGE series, its volume is sufficient to significantly fill the deficit of the patient’s skin. When choosing a drug in the store, be sure to pay attention to its original origin. The original French Filler STYLAGE XXL 2x1mL marks the European quality mark as a preparation for replenishing the volume of tissues in patients undergoing anti-HIV therapy.

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4 reviews for Stylage XXL (2x1ml)

  1. Claire B.

    I like Stylage XXL. When is it going to be back in stock?

  2. Malinda

    The best Stylage I have tried so far! Looking forward to seeing it back in stock!

  3. Rossi

    It is definitely one of the most efficient products in the Stylage product range. It works perfectly well with the aging skin and fills in even the deepest wrinkles. I am very satisfied with it and will definitely order it again!

  4. Lee H.

    Excellent product to restore sufficient volume loss in the dermal tissues, no way worse than the other more popular and expensive brands. With Stylage XXL you can achieve excellent natural results if you are experienced enough. I liked the product and service. Recommend.

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