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The most sensual and most delicate area of the human face is lips. Thanks to the innovations of contour plastics, every client of a cosmetologist today can get such lips, about which he/she dreamed.

French Laboratory “Vivacy” in 2006 introduced to its customers a filler containing 18.5 mg / g of non-animal hyaluronic acid. Gel STYLAGE SPECIAL LIPS allows you to increase the volume of the lips, to form a clear beautiful contour, to provide deep moisturizing of the skin of the lips, smooth out fine wrinkles around the mouth.

At the client’s choice, the company provides two versions of this drug: STYLAGE SPECIAL LIPS and STYLAGE SPECIAL LIPS including lidocaine, containing a local anesthetic for painless injection. The area of the lips is the most sensitive on the face, therefore, during the injection, it is necessary to anesthetize this area. In the first case, an anesthetic cream is used, in the second case, lidocaine is already contained in the filler itself.

The periphery area is not only the most sensitive but also the most “mobile”. With this, there is the problem of rapid biodegradation of drugs due to the active blood supply to the lips. With STYLAGE SPECIAL LIPS the result will please not only with its aesthetic perfection but also with durability. Such an effective and prolonged result is possibly due to three features of the drug.

STYLAGE SPECIAL LIPS contains an antioxidant mannitol that not only neutralizes the negative effects of free radicals and hampers the aging process but also supports the effects of the drug for up to 9 months. After the breakdown of hyaluronic acid, the client needs to carry out a supporting procedure to preserve the result.

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So, this drug is ideal for customers who wish:

  • Add volume to your lips, giving them juiciness and sensuality
  • Make the skin around the lips more youthful and supple
  • Improve the natural form of your lips
  • Model a clear lip contour
  • Add a saturated color to the lips due to deep tissue moistening
  • Correct the asymmetry of the upper or lower lip.

STYLAGE SPECIAL LIPS injected into the lips or around their mucous membrane. Over time, the drug begins to disintegrate and, finally, its particles are released outside through the pores of the skin.

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  2. Kerry G.

    Fillers for lips are the most in-demand among the patients in mu clinic, and I’m in a constant search of new products from different brands to find the perfect one to give my clients the most beautiful and satisfying results. What can I say, Stylage Special Lips is perhaps not the best product I’ve tried, but very good. It works times better than its price. Recommend.

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