Stylage S (2×0.8 ml)

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Stylage S (2×0.8 ml)

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Contour face plastic is widely used in modern cosmetology, and its capabilities allow thousands of patients around the world to extend youth for many years. The secret of popularity of contour plastics is its ability to correct wrinkles, lift the face oval, restore the original face relief in those areas where it was lost, provide a deep hydration of the skin, its regeneration, the restoration of collagen and elastin fibers, and the reduction of free radicals. This beneficial effect on the skin lasts all the time while the filler is inside. Then, after its disintegration, particles of hyaluronic acid are excreted from the body without a trace.

The procedure of contour plastic is a painless, fast and comfortable process, in contrast to surgical intervention. And, finally, the cost of correction of wrinkles and face lifting with fillers is much cheaper.

The French laboratory “Vivacy” in 2006 offered specialists and customers of the cosmetic market a unique series of products. All preparations have different density and concentration of active substance, therefore perform different functions and show the effect of different persistence. The lowest density of 16 mg / g has a hyaluronic acid-based filler STYLAGE S.

The main feature of STYLAGE S is the presence of mannitol antioxidant in the preparation. This component is responsible for operating with the effects of free radicals, as well as for prolonging the effect of contour plastic. The duration of the STYLAGE S gel is rather long – 9-12 months due to the fact that 100% of the effectiveness of hyaluronic acid is aimed at the rejuvenation.

Gel STYLAGE S is designed specifically to operate with superficial wrinkles and shallow folds, such as:

  • Glabellar lines
  • Wrinkles in the perioral region
  • Circles under the eyes
  • Wrinkles in the nasolabial area.

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STYLAGE S is a sterile, non-pyrogenic, homogeneous, viscous, highly plastic gel, which, in addition to hyaluronic acid and multinucleated mannitol alcohol, includes a phosphate buffer with a pH of 7.2 for stabilizing the substance and reducing edema when injected.

You can find more Vivacy products by following the link.

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1 review for Stylage S (2×0.8 ml)

  1. Dr. Duffy M.

    Stylage is great substitute to Juvederm and other more expensive fillers. Although it lasts not that long, it still allows achieving wonderful natural results even in the most sensitive and subtle areas, leaving the skin smooth and even. I am totally satisfied, and so are my patients. Definitely recommend trying this product in your practice.

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