Restylane with Lidocaine 1ml

RESTYLANE® 1 ml with Lidocaine 1ml 1 pre-filled syringe Europe

Restylane with Lidocaine 1ml

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Highly productive corrector RESTYLANE 1 ml with LIDOCAINE is a dense gel that is evenly distributed under the skin and corrects problem areas. The effectiveness and safety of the filler are confirmed by the successful conduction of more than 15 million injections.

This agent was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, the structure responsible for the quality of medicines in the United States. Cosmetologists and patients agreed that after a course of injecting the RESTYLANE 1 ml with LIDOCAINE the skin looks younger for as much as 5-6 years. The gel can be injected regularly, with a periodicity of 6 to 12 months. With a one-time injection, the effect persists for 6 to 18 months.

Experts consider such main advantages of the modern filler RESTYLANE 1 ml with LIDOCAINE:

  • Immediate effect. Thanks to specific technology, the result comes after the first session within the first hour. The maximum changes can be observed approximately 25-30 days after the injection.
  • Increased duration. Hyaluronic acid creates a so-called “barrier”, which keeps the skin in excellent condition for up to 18 months. To hold such success, it is recommended to repeat injections in six months.
  • 100% safety. The gel with lidocaine hydrochloride does not cause dangerous reactions. Injections do not cause pain. The patient does not strain the facial muscles, which increases the degree of saturation of the subcutaneous tissues and improves the effect.
  • Versatility. This agent is used for contour correction, elimination of defects in the cheeks, forehead, chin, cheekbones and nasolabial folds. The filler is suitable for customers of different age groups but at least over 25 years.
  • Convenient injection. The gel is allowed to penetrate the middle and upper layers of the dermis. For injections, thin needles must be used.
  • Full biocompatibility. With the permission of specialists, the filler can be combined with other fillers.

You can buy RESTYLANE 1 ml with LIDOCAINE online in EuroMex shop at an affordable price. We provide fast and professional shipping as well.

The main advantage of this filler, in addition to the high effectiveness of the result, is the high level of patient comfort during the procedure. The manufacturer added a reliable and high-quality anesthetic – 0.3% solution of lidocaine hydrochloride. A safe anesthetic removes unpleasant sensations, and the patient can feel just a little discomfort from injection of the needle during puncture of the upper layers of the dermis.

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    I’ve tried different variations of Restylane dermal fillers already, but this one is definitely the one I prefer. I’m glad that you always have it in stock. As well, I appreciate the fast delivery you offer and the competitive price. Will definitely order from you again.

  2. Wolfgang Dunkle

    Ich habe Restylane online gekauft. Alles ist super.

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