Restylane with Lidocaine 0.5ml

Restylane with Lidocaine 0.5ml

Restylane with Lidocaine 0.5ml

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Wrinkles are always a problem, as they visually make a person older and less attractive. The most effective, comfortable, safe and effective way to get rid of these problems today is contour plastic without surgical intervention, for example, using RESTYLANE .5ml with LIDOCAINE.

World experience with the application of the Swiss filler RESTYLANE for 22 years (more than 10 million injections) has proved that this drug can be trusted. Its impeccable reputation and effectiveness are undeniable.

A fair advantage of RESTYLANE .5ml with LIDOCAINE is its ability to approach any type of skin. It is good for use not only on dehydrated age skin but also in operating with oily and problematic skin prone to acne formation.

The basis of this agent is the hydrophilic hyaluronic acid of natural origin in a concentration of 20 mg/ml. The component does not contain impurities of protein and foreign masses, so the risk of rejection by the body is reduced to zero. The active substance of hyaluronic acid is stabilized by an exclusive, patented technology.

RESTYLANE .5ml with LIDOCAINE provides the following results:

  • Filling wrinkles and folds
  • Locally attracts water to restore subcutaneous hydrobalance
  • Moisturize wilted and rehabilitate damaged skin
  • This principle of action allows prolonging the result up to 12 months after complete resolution of the substance.

RESTYLANE .5ml with LIDOCAINE is available in EuroMex online store, if you want to buy it online at affordable price. Please, also enjoy fast shipping and professional support.

The stationary analgesic component allows clients to carry the cosmetic session confidently and calmly. Cosmetologists do not have to apply special ointments of anesthetic action to the skin, which reduces the risk of its irritation, helps the skin to better perceive the agent and increases the overall effectiveness by 10-20%.

RESTYLANE .5ml with LIDOCAINE has full biological compatibility with the cells of the human dermis and epidermis. The drug quickly penetrates, starting its action. After saturation, it independently leaves the dermis in a natural way. The injection implant effectively replaces the shortage of tissues, stimulates the production of the body’s own elastin and collagen, and triggers regenerative processes in the skin.

In addition to corrective functions, the RESTYLANE .5ml with LIDOCAINE shows a rehabilitative effect in the case of damaged or inflamed skin, marked dehydration and obvious signs of photoaging.

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