Profhilo H+L 2ml

PROFHILO® H+L 2 mL 1 pre-filled syringe + 2 needles Europe

Profhilo H+L 2ml

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Thanks to the extensive scientific knowledge of hyaluronic acid, a new patented technology of a stabilized hybrid complex have been developed. It has made it possible to achieve a concentration of 64 mg hyaluronic acid in a single syringe. PROFHILO has created a new combination method that allows different levels of endogenous hyaluronic acid to be integrated in equal concentrations – a combination of high- and low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid hybrids.

Combined action of hybrids provides a regenerating trophic effect that relates to low molecular weight hyaluronic acid on the epidermis (moistening effect). In its turn, the effect of modeling (lifting) is provided by hyaluronic acid of high concentration. This is why PROFHILO H+L is considered as a double-acting drug with moisturizing and lifting results.

Thanks to this technology, PROFHILO H+L provides:

  • Prolonged effect. The hybrid complex PROFHILO H+L proved the ability to preserve high-density hyaluronic acid in the complex while reducing the degradation of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid in 8 times
  • High concentration of hyaluronic acid with maximum controllability
  • Reduction of inflammation. Low-weight molecules are slowly released from the hybrid complex, whereby the first inflammatory cytokines are not activated, reducing the overall level of inflammation or limiting it to a primary inflammation phase
  • High biocompatibility. In fact, PROFHILO H+L has a thoroughly purified hyaluronic acid that does not contain chemical agents, thereby reducing the risk of side effects.

You can buy online PROFHILO H+L in EuroMex Internet store at an affordable price. Also, please, enjoy fast shipping and professional support.

Due to its unique characteristics, PROFHILO H+L offers a new tool to operate with skin aging: “bioremodeling” or the ability to affect the flabby skin. Bioremediation of sagging skin has 3 advantages over traditional biorevitalization:

  • Instant results with a long-lasting effect
  • Fewer injection points
  • Time of procedure.

The method requires injections of PROFHILO H+L into 5 biologically active points on each side of the face, providing a painless procedure and high performance. This ensures the minimization of side effects in the form of papules and bruises. The drug is recommended to be injected slowly to minimize pain caused by stretching the tissue.

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Profhilo H+L 2ml



19 reviews for Profhilo H+L 2ml

  1. Shan


  2. Jean

    One of the best products of this kind! Will definitely order it again!

  3. Samuel S.

    5 out of 5! One of the best cosmetic fillers I have ever tried!

  4. Megan

    I would rate it 4 out of 5. A great product!

  5. Adela Garrido

    Good and effective, 4 out of 5.

  6. Patricia M.

    One of the best injectables of such a kind. Recommend.

  7. Karin Moeller

    A great brand! Will order it again.

  8. Lucero

    A great product for an affordable price. Will order it again, for sure.

  9. Donna J

    A nice cosmetic injectable with a great result!

  10. Héloise

    I am very fond of all PROFHILO solutions! My sincere recommendation.

  11. Dr. Spinuzza

    5/5, love it! And thank you for a very quick shipping! I appreciate it.

  12. Allison

    An average product. Honestly speaking, I haven’t noticed anything special in it.

  13. Hanna Bregman

    You are my favorite supplier of dermal fillers in Europe! Everything always goes smoothly.

  14. Gerard

    I do not employ Profhilo products in my practice on a regular basis. Still, Profhilo H+L 2ml is one of the most effective solutions when it comes to minimally invasive and non-surgical facial lifting. My sincere recommendation!

  15. Robert

    Good supplier, I recommend

  16. Scott J.

    Nice service, glad that i found it.

  17. Ofelia Pamel

    I received the order last friday and already used my first box of Prohilo!
    I am very happy with the results and will buy from you again in the future!

  18. Mary Guttormson

    Amazing website and servise!

  19. Kenneth Cameron

    Great and genuine product. Buying online is much easier. Also, Profhilo is quite good as Hyaluronic acid. My patient was satisfied.

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