Saypha (Princess) Volume with Lidocaine 1ml

Saypha (Princess) Volume with Lidocaine 1ml

Saypha (Princess) Volume with Lidocaine 1ml

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This improved version of familiar hyaluronic acid-based filler Saypha (Princess) VOLUME is suitable for those who are afraid of doing the procedure, hypersensitive to pain when injecting a needle or for some reason wants to avoid pre-anesthesia. So, due to the presence of lidocaine in the solution, Saypha (Princess) VOLUME with LIDOCAINE provides almost painless injection under the patient’s skin.

This filler has such qualities as homogeneity, sterility, biodegradation, isotonicity and a high level of homogenization. That is because Saypha (Princess) VOLUME with LIDOCAINE is synthesized using the patented technology – “S.M.A.R.T.” (Supreme Monophasic And Reticulated Technology). It ensures the formation of long cell chains in the substance. This technology has several advantages.

First,  Saypha (Princess) VOLUME with LIDOCAINE has a high degree of purification, so does not contain residual impurities and oxygen. Secondly, this structure provides a unique consistency: a high degree of homogenization, dynamic viscosity, and stability.

This transparent monophasic gel implant is designed for painless correction of the shape and relief of the face, returning the volume of skin and correcting the shape and volume of the lips. Saypha (Princess) VOLUME with LIDOCAINE can help to achieve one of the following effects:

  • Filling deep wrinkles and folds
  • Elimination of interbrowed crease
  • Filling nasolabial folds, lacrimal furrows
  • Correction of the contours of the face
  • Filling of deficiency of fat in tissues and correction of asymmetry of a relief
  • Giving volume to the lips
  • Elimination of asymmetry of the shape of the lips, raising their lowered corners.

EuroMex shop offers Saypha (Princess) VOLUME with LIDOCAINE at an affordable price, if you want to buy it online. Please, enjoy fast and professional shipping as well.

Saypha (Princess) VOLUME with LIDOCAINE is neatly and painlessly injected under the skin. There it gently and evenly fills the cavities, wrinkles, creases, and voids formed. Thanks to the increased density of this agent, it is recommended for increasing the volume of the lips and noticeable changes in the relief of the face.

Cosmetologists like this preparation for its versatility in performing various tasks, as well as for the possibility of operating with skin of any age category (patients just must be more than 18 years old).

Saypha (Princess) VOLUME with LIDOCAINE is injected under the skin and exists in layers of the dermis 9-18 months. The gel is completely biodegradable, and the degree of its decay depends on the amount of production of the patient’s own enzyme hyaluronidase – a substance that cleaves hyaluronic acid.

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3 reviews for Saypha (Princess) Volume with Lidocaine 1ml

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  2. Kristof Walt

    The price equals the quality. It’s pretty good, but not perfect!

  3. Gordon Wells

    Purchased Princess filler on website. I was scared but it went well.

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