Juvederm Volift Retouch with Lidocaine (2×0,55ml)

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Juvederm Volift Retouch with Lidocaine (2×0,55ml)

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JUVEDERM VOLIFT RETOUCH with LIDOCAINE is a quite new product of well-known manufacturer “Allergan”, a recognized authority in the beauty products market. A homogeneous filler of increased density is used for repeated restoration of the contours of the face, operating deep wrinkles and volume correction of the face. The product helps to achieve an excellent result in saturation of the soft tissues of the dermis, helping increase the volume in problem areas of the face and eliminating of wrinkles.

The corrector is made on the basis of hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin. The substance is evenly distributed under the skin and contributes to the long-term replenishment of the matrix relief and accumulation in the soft tissues of moisture useful for dermis. After injection, the skin restores the relief in places of tissue deficit (wrinkles) and renews the natural form.

Experts outline following advantages of JUVEDERM VOLIFT RETOUCH with LIDOCAINE:

  • High degree of safety. Hyaluronic acid has non-animal origin reduces the risk of allergic reaction or rejection to a minimum.
  • The comfort of injection due to the presence of the anesthetic – lidocaine.
  • Prolonged action. The result persists up to 18 months. The duration depends on the condition of the dermis and the features of the facial areas that have been operated.
  • Easy to use. You can inject JUVEDERM VOLIFT RETOUCH with LIDOCAINE with the help of a cannula or needles 27G or 30G. Injection passes without pain.
  • Fast result. It is possible to observe obvious changes on the face in 2-3 hours after the procedure.
  • Versatility. To increase the bulk, the gel can be implanted in the tissues of the cheeks, cheekbones, and chin as well as into the nasolabial area.

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It should be noted, that this modern filler also contains lidocaine hydrochloride, a substance that guarantees painless injection. Inclusion in the anesthetic makes the procedure more calm and pleasant, in addition, increases the effectiveness of the agent. That is because during the injection the muscles remain relaxed, which allows the gel to be distributed in the most natural way. Equally important for obtaining an excellent result is a phosphate buffer. It prevents swelling of the regenerated zones, removes skin irritations and prolongs the effect up to 15-18 months.

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2 reviews for Juvederm Volift Retouch with Lidocaine (2×0,55ml)

  1. Rizal

    I have been working EXCLUSIVELY with Juvederm dermal fillers for many years. They are definitely among the safest and the most effective products that are available on the aesthetic medicine market these days. What I like most in this “Volift Retouch” version of the product is its volume. Two 0.55ml syringes allow distributing the preparation evenly and smoothly around the treatment area. So, it’s definitely 5/5.

  2. Spencer Morton

    Good quality product for a cheaper price than on average.

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