Juvederm Volbella with Lidocaine (2x1ml)

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Juvederm Volbella with Lidocaine (2x1ml)

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Gel-filler JUVEDERM VOLBELLA with LIDOCAINE became very popular in 2013, being presented to the market by the world leader of cosmetic pharmaceuticals – “Allergan”. A transparent homogeneous monophasic gel based on hyaluronic acid has established itself as a market leader thanks to its innovative developments and technologies.

JUVEDERM VOLBELLA with LIDOCAINE is designed to add volume to the thinnest lips and to eliminate small mimic wrinkles in the periorbital area. The essence of JUVEDERM VOLBELLA with LIDOCAINE is the unique “Vycross” technology. The formula for the synthesis of hyaluronic acid allows “gluing” short and long polymeric chains of

e substance to ensure a long-term

The intradermal filler shall fill the deficit of skin tissue caused by age or traumatic factors. With the help of JUVEDERM VOLBELLA with LIDOCAINE the following cases are solved:

  • Correction of the contour of the lips
  • Adding the volume of the lips
  • Elimination of lip asymmetry
  • Elimination of folds and wrinkles in the paraorbital area
  • Elimination of facial wrinkles in the area of the lips
  • Correction of pouches under the eyes
  • Raising the corners of the lips.

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This filler has a homogeneous smooth structure, is easily injected, evenly distributed, demonstrates a lesser degree of hydrophilicity. This means, that hyaluronic acid molecules will attract less water from surrounding tissues, which leads to minimization of edema. With the help of JUVEDERM VOLBELLA with LIDOCAINE you can correct even the smallest wrinkles, eliminating the tired look of the skin. The visual effect is as close to natural as possible: the skin becomes more elastic, smooth, and radiant.

Hyaluronic acid is able to create an active substance under the skin, which imparts a volume in the desired area of the face, fills voids, “squeezes out” wrinkles and removes them. Molecules of hyaluronic acid, due to the binding of long and short polymers, lasts longer at the dermis, which means the result will last longer as well. The hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin is completely compatible with skin tissues, does not cause allergic reactions and rejection. The lidocaine contained in the filler makes the procedure painless and also helps the patient to completely relax the muscles, due to which the effect of rejuvenation looks maximally natural.

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4 reviews for Juvederm Volbella with Lidocaine (2x1ml)

  1. Derek

    An effective lip filler. 4/5!

  2. Azhar L

    Juvederm dermal fillers are definitely my favorite, both in terms of their price/efficacy relation and natural-looking result. While Juvederm Volbella, in its turn, is my number one choice when it comes to subtle lip augmentation and contouring.

  3. Michael A

    Is there any better dermal filler than Juvederm? I’m really not sure, as it is definitely the best one I’ve tried so far. When speaking about the “Volbella” version, it is absolutely one of my favorites in the product line. Love its hyaluronic acid concentration, Vycross manufacturing technology, and volume.

  4. Earl Hubbard

    Took my chances and ordered one of these from this supplier. Everything turned out great. The product is perfect and gives good effect. Also, the supplier is great. Now I’m always ordering here because they provide better prices and good service. Once my package got stuck so they reshipped me the whole order.

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