Jalupro Super Hydro (1×2,5ml)

Jalupro Super Hydro (1x2.5ml)

Jalupro Super Hydro (1×2,5ml)

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Jalupro Super Hydro Main Characteristics

Jalupro Super Hydro is a sterile, reabsorbable injectable solution that contains 80mg of hybrid HA in its composition. This ingredient combined with peptide molecules like acetyl decapeptide 3, acetyl tetrapeptide 5, oligopeptide 24 allows eliminating skin wrinkles effectively, improving the hydration level of the skin, and enjoying beneficial slowing and restorative effects in time-dependent degenerative changes of collagen and elastin.

A high concentration of hyaluronic acid can also demonstrate impressive usefulness in terms of facial lifting and skin defects reduction (like post-acne, scars, dark circles, etc.). Below, you will find all the basic information necessary for a beautician who picked Jalupro Super Hydro for their patients.

Rich Amino-Acid Combination and Other Benefits

As the main purpose of this product is to eliminate one’s skin imperfections, it can be used for different facial and body areas to make skin more firm, youthful, and glowing. Typically, aesthetic medicine professionals choose it for the face, neck, decollete, underarms, hands, abdomen, and inner thighs.

Before the injection session, it is important to have a consultation to make sure the treatment can fulfill one’s needs and aesthetic goals. Only after that can the procedure be started.

Post-Treatment Side Effects

Adverse reactions are natural for any type of aesthetic medicine procedure; slight irritation, redness, or swelling is just a sign that the product works nicely and will show its effectiveness soon. That’s why it should be discussed with a specialist before the session in order to prepare an individual for possible inconveniences and complications.

So, injection site reactions, increased skin sensitivity, and insignificant bruising are among the most typical symptoms patients experience. A few days is enough for everything to go away, and if the right aftercare routine is used afterward, no severe discomfort should appear.

Above, you saw the general symptoms that occur in most cases; however, there are some more severe reactions, so if you experience any pain or allergic reactions, keep in touch with a beautician as soon as possible. 

Contraindications for the Procedure

Not everyone can use Jalupro Super Hydro for their appearance goals and desires. Hypersensitivity to certain components, various skin conditions, acute stages of chronic disease, and lactation period (or pregnancy) in women means that a person cannot use this injectable for the treatment.

All health issues and body peculiarities should be discussed with a medical professional in order to figure out whether the product will be safe and won’t harm an individual after its application.

Buy Jalupro Super Hydro Online On the EuroMex Website

All aesthetic medicine goods on the EuroMex website are meant for professional use only and can be purchased only by those who have a medical license that proves their qualification.

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