Intraline One (1x1ml) 20mg/ml

Intraline One (1x1ml) 20mg/ml

Intraline One (1x1ml) 20mg/ml

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Injection product INTRALINE ONE from Swedish manufacturers is considered one of the most effective tools for operating with the periorbital zone. Indication for the use of this remedy can be such as:

  • age-related skin changes (for example, medium and deep wrinkles)
  • nasolabial folds
  • interbrowal folds.

In addition, application of the INTRALINE ONE might increase the volume of the lips and adjust their shape, if necessary. A soft and elastic gel is ideal for correcting the nasolacrimal fissure. The main component of the agent is hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, with the concentration of 20 mg/ml.

INTRALINE ONE is created with the help of a unique spherical technology, at which the angular structure of the rhomboid molecule of hyaluronic acid is smoothed and the concentration of active molecules is increased. The drug is injected into the middle layers of the dermis with the help of 27G needles. The effect of the procedure is maintained for a quite long period of time (up to 12 months).

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However, some temporary negative sensations may occur. Usually, it could be firmness, bruising and minor pain or swelling. Very rare are the cases of discolouration at the area of injection, allergy or erythema after conducting the procedure with INTRALINE ONE. Those side-effects shall last no more than a week after skin injections and no more than 2 weeks after the lip ones.

It should be emphasized again, that hyaluronic acid – the basis of INTRALINE ONE – can be found in the body’s tissues and joints. This natural component provides hydration, volumization, and maintenance of the skin. Therefore, hyaluronic acid is essential in the upkeep of a youthful and healthy appearance.

In conclusion, it should be mentioned, that hyaluronic acid-based filler INTRALINE ONE is aimed at, actually, refilling the age-caused breakdown of this element in our body. It performs well in filling in hollows and wrinkles, providing the client with a naturally improved younger look. Over time, injected hyaluronic acid breaks down and is dissolved in an absolutely natural way.

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3 reviews for Intraline One (1x1ml) 20mg/ml

  1. Gregory Brent

    It is one of the best dermal fillers I have tried so far! Very efficient and long-lasting. My sincere recommendation.

  2. Leila

    Your website suggested trying out Intraline One for the treatment of the periorbital zone. So, I followed your advice and ordered the product in order to inject it into the area around the eyes. My clients have been left satisfied, as they noticed an instant reduction of periorbital wrinkles. Now, I am going to see for how long the result of the injection will last and, if everything goes as expected (by the way, I expect the result to last for about 12 months since the dermal filler is pretty dense), I am definitely going to order the product again.

  3. Hermann Joss

    Ordered INTRALINE ONE online here. We are always using it and recommend for others to try it.

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