Intraline For Men (1x1ml) 20mg/ml

Intraline For Men (1x1ml) 20mg/ml

Intraline For Men (1x1ml) 20mg/ml

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INTRALINE FOR MEN filler is one of the most unique cosmetic products, which is aimed at eliminating men’s signs of aging. Given the natural desire of men to look attractive and keep their youth, the manufacturers developed this preparation, which allows correcting deep wrinkles, adjusting the contours of the face, as well as increasing and correcting the lips, eliminating the frontal lines.

The basis of the agent is hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, developed within the latest modern technologies regarding the spherification of molecules, which makes the product environmentally friendly and absolutely safe to use. Before injecting the filler it is recommended that the skin should be cleaned of contaminants, if necessary, an anesthetic cream should be applied to the injection sites.

INTRALINE FOR MEN is injected into the middle and deep layers of the dermis. To avoid negative consequences from the usage of this filler, you should keep in mind some precautions:

  • to refrain from drinking alcohol two days before the procedure and within three days after the injection of INTRALINE FOR MEN;
  • to avoid external effects on the skin (rain, sun, strong cold, temperature changes);
  • do not touch the area of injection with hands.

If these requirements are met, the risk of side effects is minimized, and the positive effect of the procedure will last for a long period of time. If you want to buy INTRALINE FOR MEN online at a low price and with fast shipping – check the EuroMex Internet shop.

However, some temporary side-effects still can occur, like swelling, itching, minor pain, firmness, bruising, or redness after applying INTRALINE FOR MEN. Those sensations can last approximately a week in the case of skin injections and up to two weeks – for lip ones.

To sum up, it should be noted, that INTRALINE FOR MEN contains only the finest ingredients and has been designed by specific technology at a molecular level to provide a smoother and natural effect.

In the process of manufacturing non-animal, the proprietary bacterial fermentation process is used. According to stated innovative spherification technology, a hyaluronic acid traditionally angular rhomboid molecular structure is smoothed. Thus, INTRALINE FOR MEN is quite efficient and totally environmentally friendly.

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3 reviews for Intraline For Men (1x1ml) 20mg/ml

  1. Maria Hayes

    It is the first time I see “Intraline” for men. So, I am curious to give it a try!

  2. Christine G

    I have never before used anything from Intraline. So, it’s been my first experience of getting acquainted with the brand. And, frankly speaking, I am very satisfied with Intraline for Men (1x1ml). A highly concentrated hyaluronic acid makes it an effective skin rejuvenator and moisturizer for my male patients.

  3. Luisa Kowalski md.

    Tried this one. I don’t often have male clients but as this product is marketed as an anti-aging product for men I decided to try it. Everything went well even thou I’m not a fan of ordering online. The client was satisfied, perhaps this option will become more popular.

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