Fillmed (Filorga) Bright Peel – Normal Skin (1x100ml)

Fillmed (Filorga) Bright Peel - Normal Skin (1x100ml)

Fillmed (Filorga) Bright Peel – Normal Skin (1x100ml)

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“Filorga” is a well-known French company, manufacturer of cosmetic production which is aimed primary on fight against processes of aging. Fillmed (Filorga) BRIGHT PEEL is anti-aging peeling for normal skin against wrinkles, pigmented spots. This product gives the skin radiance and homogeneity. It is designed for approximately 40 procedures usage.

The Fillmed (Filorga) BRIGHT PEEL set includes acid solution for peeling 50%, pH = 1.5 (100 ml), crush-applicator and measuring cup. This preparation usually recommended for women after the age of 30. The procedure takes a total of about 10 minutes and is carried out in 3 stages:

1. Cleansing and degreasing the skin (by PRE PEEL product). To cleanse the epidermis from dead cells and sebum, apply this solution on the pre-cleansed skin for 1-2 minutes. It creates optimal conditions for the action of the peeling solution.

2. Application of an acid solution (Fillmed (Filorga) BRIGHT PEEL) containing glycolic acid. The exposure time is 3 minutes during the first procedure. It increases gradually depending on skin sensitivity and tolerability. The procedure may be accompanied by a sensation of heat – this is normal. Slightly painful sensations mean that glycol peeling penetrates the upper layers of the skin.

3. Neutralization (by POST PEEL preparation). The preparation is applied after the peeling procedure is completed. It quickly neutralizes the action of glycolic acid, moisturizes the surface layers of the epidermis and regulates the pH of the skin. After neutralization, rinse the skin with water and dry it.

Fillmed (Filorga) BRIGHT PEEL is available at EuroMex Internet shop if you want to buy it online at affordable price. Fast and professional shipping is guaranteed. Using the Fillmed (Filorga) BRIGHT PEEL will cause the following results:

  • Skin radiance
  • Smoothing the skin and reducing wrinkles
  • Reducing pigment spots.

The course of peeling shall be proceeded within the frame of a few recommendations, such as 1 treatment every 14 days, the course shall consist of 4 procedures and it supposed to be 2 courses per year.

You can find more products from Filorga by following the link.

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Fillmed (Filorga) Bright Peel – Normal Skin (1x100ml)



2 reviews for Fillmed (Filorga) Bright Peel – Normal Skin (1x100ml)

  1. Veksman L.

    It’s absolutely stunning!!! Will definitely order again.

  2. Edwina

    Рerfectly scrubs the face and is also suitable for other areas of the body, a great price on the site.

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