Earfold Implantable Clip System

Earfold Implantable Clip System

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EARFOLD IMPLANTABLE CLIP SYSTEM is an adaptable medical implant, which is used to shape prominent ears. It is placed into the outer ear, previously processed by the anesthetic. This device is a good alternative in opposition to surgical intervention of reshaping the outer ears.

Choosing to use EARFOLD IMPLANTABLE CLIP SYSTEM, patients are provided by an ability to observe the perspective results just before conducting the procedure. Thanks to this fact, doctors can perform a desirable result according to their patient’s wishes.

EARFOLD IMPLANTABLE CLIP SYSTEM is suitable for all age groups including children – the operation can be performed with the patients starting from 7 years of age. It is also should be noted, that the effect of this device insertion is permanent, but of the necessity occurs – the procedure can be reversed.

Also, we need to keep in mind the possibility of certain side-effects, such as:

  • Painful discomfort because of the pressure put on the treated ear;
  • Such symptoms as fluid accumulation, redness and fever are indicators of the infection. It has to be resolved, otherwise inserted implant shall be removed;
  • Skin erosion;
  • Keloid scarring;
  • Hematoma after implantation (usually caused by blunt after the procedure).

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Last but not least, it should be noted that EARFOLD IMPLANTABLE CLIP SYSTEM is developed by “Allergan” company, which is a well-known leading manufacturer of cosmetic and medical devices and preparations.

Do not forget that EARFOLD IMPLANTABLE CLIP SYSTEM includes nitinol. This is a highly elastic metal, alloy of nickel and titanium. Therefore, patients with the sensitivity or allergies to those elements and well as patients with active local or systemic infections shall not be prescribed of this device uses.

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    Тhe system has been repeatedly tested on patients and the result is satisfactory for everyone.

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