Desirial (2x1ml)

Desirial (2x1ml)

Desirial (2x1ml)

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After 45 years, the amount of female hormone estrogen decreases, which leads to reducing the production of collagen and as a result – thinning and dryness of the external genital organs. The dermis loses its elasticity; the mucous membrane ceases to be normally moistened due to the hypotrophy of the connective tissue; the functionality of the iron-like cells decreases. Thus, there are atrophy of the labia and vagina, excessive dryness, which brings discomfort during physical activity, reducing sexual desire.

An effective remedy for eliminating the problems mentioned above and aesthetic disadvantages of the vulva-vaginal area is the injection of DESIRIAL gel, which is based on hyaluronic acid.

Developed in 2014 by the “Vivacy” laboratory (well-known for the production of the STYLAGE filler series), the filler replenishes the moisture balance of the external genitalia, helps to eliminate external defects, and has a superb soothing effect.

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Filler DESIRIAL leads to such effects after a procedure of injection:

  • moisturizes the mucous membranes
  • increases the tone and sensitivity of the genital organs
  • restores atrophied tissues and returns the lost volume
  • eliminates such problems as urinary incontinence and decreased urethral hyperplasia.

The main active component of DESIRIAL is hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin with cross-linked molecular bonds by proprietary technology. Thanks to this stabilization method, a durable and dense framework of hyaluronate molecules are created inside the dermis, which actively accumulates a large amount of moisture around them, creating an optimal environment for activating all biochemical processes, nutrition and regeneration. In addition, the composition significantly reduces the risk of inflammation and other adverse reactions after the procedure.

Impact of DESIRIAL may also help to shape the pubis and strengthens the muscles, which prevents the omission of internal female organs and the sagging of the external organs.

DESIRIAL gel allows you to fill the volume of large and small labia, to eliminate their asymmetry or severe underdevelopment, increases the sensitivity of damaged tissues. The filler is also used to correct postpartum ruptures and defects caused by trauma or surgery.

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