Coolsense Pain Numbing Applicator

Coolsense Pain Numbing Applicator

Coolsense Pain Numbing Applicator

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COOLSENSE PAIN NUMBING APPLICATOR is designed to help to overcome the stress and fear regarding experiencing medical injections. This device transforms the stressful procedure of under-going injection in painless and comfortable process. It should be emphasized that applicator is suitable for all age groups, including children.

Medical injections are one of the most common health-care or aesthetic procedures worldwide. COOLSENSE PAIN NUMBING APPLICATOR is a revolutionary handheld device that anesthetizes the area of infections with no side- or after-effects. Thus, this tool is invaluable for both healthcare personnel and cosmeticians while conducting those invasive procedures.

In addition, COOLSENSE PAIN NUMBING APPLICATOR provides a brand new shift of the life of those, who are obligated to undergo injections on a daily basis. So, this device has an undeniable positive impact on, for example, diabetes patients for glucose control.

Generally, it is recommended to apply it in following cases:

  • Preparation for cosmetic injections (so-called “beauty injections”, for example, hyaluronic-based fillers)
  • Diabetic and dialysis manipulations
  • Conducting of blood tests
  • Growth hormone injections
  • Dermatological purposes and others.

EuroMex Internet shop provides a good price at COOLSENSE PAIN NUMBING APPLICATOR, if you want to buy it online easily. In addition, we offer fast and professional shipping as well as kind and quality support. It has CE mark and is approved by American Food and Drug Association.

This device anesthetizes the treated area of injections by numbing this targeted site within 3-5 seconds with a system with no chemicals included and no side-effects. Applicator ensures the pain relief and protects the skin from being burned during the procedure of injection.

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Coolsense Pain Numbing Applicator



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    I’ve got everything fast and in perfect condition!

  2. Enzo

    Fatto un ordine di prova, soddisfatto della qualità del prodotto, quindi ordinerò di più.

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