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Juvederm Filler: Turns the Clocks Back

juvederm filler

Juvederm Filler: Turns the Clocks Back

The Juvederm filler is already a brand. In order to develop this remedy, the Allergan company has used the special Vycross technology, which provides an instantly visible effect and saves the result for a longer period, usually up to 1,5 years. The substance itself is a colorless gel designed for total face correction and volume restoration in the areas where it’s necessary. The hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin is the main constituent of the filler. It provides an instant and effortless filler connection with skin tissues. Allergic reactions are almost absent. The gel easily gets accustomed to the skin tissues and completely dissolves after a while. The next important ingredient of the filler is phosphate buffer, which reduces swelling after the procedure and maintains the natural rejuvenation effect in the future. The most Juvederm fillers already contain lidocaine – the strongest anesthetic, that makes the process of injection painless and comfortable for doctor and patient.

Indications for Use of Juvederm Filler

The range of Juvederm products is quite wide and variable. Depending on the problem there are Juvederm lip filler, Juvederm for wrinkles correction, etc. A wide spectrum of remedies provides great opportunities for contour correction and modeling of various face and body defects. For lips contouring and augmentation, you can use Juvederm 30 or Juvederm Ultra Smile. Juvederm 18 or Juvederm 24 HV correct little and moderate facial wrinkles, deep folds and unattractive forehead lines. For crow’s feet elimination doctors often apply Juvederm Ultra 3 with Lidocaine. In case there’s a lack of water, the skin is dry and dehydrated, Juvederm Hydrate will help. Note, that the HV marking, indicates an increased viscosity of the filler. Such Juvederm injections provide long-term correction results for a year or even more.

Juvederm Dosage and Administration

While dealing with the pros and cons of Juvederm the dosage and the way of administration should be considered. This drug is designed for intradermal administration by an experienced doctor who has an appropriate license. Although the drug is very safe, give serious consideration to the fact of choosing the doctor. The technical qualification of the cosmetologist and dermatologist is a crucial factor providing the effectiveness of the procedure. It should be used only by professional health providers.

Before starting the procedure, the doctor has to inform the patient about the indications and contraindications to the use of the drug, possible side effects, its compatibility with other medications. The dosage should be calculated according to different factors: the area of injection, type of the problem (little, moderate or deep wrinkles) and desired effect. Thus, the doctor examines the patient before the procedure and chooses a dermal filler with an appropriate degree of density.

Post-Procedure Recommendations

Everyone who has gotten a beauty injection wants to make the result after it as long as possible. To avoid unpleasant consequences after the procedure and make the result effective, don’t ask “how long does Juvederm last” but adhere to the following recommendations in a few days after injection:

  • avoid skin overheating;
  • do not use makeup;
  • do not go to the pool, sauna or take bath;
  • postpone massage.

Where to Buy Juvederm Online?

Juvederm is a popular dermal filler famous for its unique structure and delicate action. It is capable instantly to rejuvenate the skin, hydrate it and correct all possible imperfections. Juvederm cost depends on different aspects like type of drug, location, dosage, etc.

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