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Is your lifestyle healthy?

Is your lifestyle healthy?

Is your lifestyle healthy?

We all work a lot, have some worries and need some stuff to do. But it doesn’t mean that there is no chance that you can follow a healthy life style

Start your day with a simple workout routine. Stretching, push-ups roll-ups, will be fine for a great start of the day . Because mostly people sit in the office or at home during leisure time. It is crucial to give your body some movement.

Try to diverse your lunch. Put some fat, some carbs, so you will be full of fundamental nutrients till lunch. IT will give your body and brain fuel to function. But split portions on smaller amounts. It is better to do 6 small servings for your body rather than 3 big ones.

Less alcohol and smoking, it gives you release for short time, but for a long run there’s nothing good about it.

No coffee and tea before bed, you not fell that you get energised, but you heart will certainly notice that there’s caffeine in your blood.

Stay healthy, be careful with yourself and you will notice that despite dense routine it is easier to deal with once following these simple steps.

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