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Immense Advantages of Using Belotero Filler

Immense Advantages of Using Belotero Filler

Immense Advantages of Using Belotero Filler

One of the most popular beauty procedures nowadays is lips augmentation and forms correction. By adding some volume you can make this area fuller, correct and lift the corners of the mouth, and solve other appearance-related problems. The most competent method on how to achieve fast and impressive result is using dermal fillers. There are many kinds of these remedies but today we’re going to speak about Belotero filler – the viscoelastic, transparent, and sterile gel produced by German company Merz Pharma.

German Quality for Your Perfect Look

Cosmetologists from all around the world claim that Belotero is one of their favorite dermal fillers. Many patients also admit its soft and delicate effect, mild action, and natural, long-lasting result. The drug often is called the “starter filler” because it is an excellent option for those who make beauty injections at first and need to correct little and insignificant imperfections.

The main active substance of Belotero is Hyaluronic Acid. The substance is naturally available in the human body and responsible for water-absorbing processes and nutrients delivery. Thus, injecting it into the body provides a high level of hydration and skin nourishment. After such procedures the skin looks refreshed and rejuvenated, wrinkles are smoothed out, and sunken areas are filled with the necessary volume.

Belotero is divided into several types designed to correct different skin areas. Belotero Soft is produced for severe wrinkles elimination, Belotero Balance easily copes with middle and deep folds as well as with lips volumization, Belotero Intense is used to contour the lips form, and enlarging these areas, Belotero Volume moderates temples, cheeks, chin, and cheekbones forms. The gel is very dense and lasts from 9 to 12 months depending on what area it would be injected as well as on features of the patient’s body. The price of the remedy is different. It’s contingent on the location, clinic, and health provider’s fees. The more accurate information concerning Belotero cost you may check here.

Belotero Lip Filler: What to Expect?

For lips augmentation, doctors use two types of gel: Belotero Balance and Belotero Intense. The first one is more suitable for lips form correction and creation of soft and delicate volume. Belotero Intense has a higher degree of density and better fits for augmentation procedures. A patient doesn’t feel the pain during the injection because Lidocaine is included.

The following list demonstrates other benefits of applying Belotero:

  • the drug is deeply cleaned, thus the risk of allergic reactions is very low;
  • dermal filler smoothly distributes under the skin without leakage;
  • Belotero is biodegradable substance and patients shouldn’t worry about leftovers after injection;
  • judging from patients’ feedbacks, Belotero injections are less painful than procedures with other dermal fillers;
  • there is a lower risk of edema;
  • Hyaluronic Acid won’t be rejected by the body;
  • Belotero lips correction fits patients even with very sensitive and thin skin.

Final Words

Dermal filler injection is a simple and convenient procedure. It allows patients to greatly change the appearance without surgery. However, it’s not recommended to be too careless while getting beauty injections. Yes, there is a high degree of safety but never underestimate the possibility of buying counterfeit products or low-skilled doctors. If you decide to enlarge your lips or make any other correction with hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers, first of all, consult the experienced doctor, let him make a few tests, and after the procedure, follow the doctor’s instructions. The perfect result depends not only on the substance’s quality but also on the patient’s behavior, his care of the injection area.

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