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How to tighten sagging skin on face with Profhilo

How to Tighten Sagging Skin on Face with Profhilo (1)

How to tighten sagging skin on face with Profhilo

What does this mean “dermal correction”? People are often confused and think that this notion includes only complicated and time-consuming procedures performed by plastic surgeons to change the form of the nose, lips, etc. And they forget that cosmetic correction also means little improvements like the elimination of small wrinkles, face lifting, and other special actions.
There are many excellent beauty sessions for making people look perfect but in this article, we’ll speak about simple ways on how to get rid of sagging skin with one of the best cosmetic drugs – Profhilo. Scroll down to continue reading about the revolutionary biorevitalizant that was proclaimed as the Best Injection Product of the Year according to the 2017 Aesthetics Awards.

What Is Profhilo?

It was developed for skin biorevitalization. The drug first appeared in Italy, but now you can meet such requests as “Profhilo London, Paris, Vienna, etc”. Its modern and unique formula allows cosmetologists and dermatologists to achieve brilliant results in facial rejuvenation. The remedy consists of highly concentrated and pure hyaluronic acid. It doesn’t contain other components, thus even patients suffering from allergy can use it. Profhilo simultaneously hydrates and tightens the upper skin layers making fast and effective results. Among other advantages of Profhilo, there is its ability to spread under the skin. It’s very leaky: once a doctor makes a single injection, the substance evenly distributes under the dermis. Thus, there’s no need to make dozens of shots on the whole face. A few injections in special areas is enough. As a rule, doctors enter the product in the neck, arms, and shoulders, where the skin is very thin and sagging. The effect is excellent and people wonder how long does Profhilo last. Well, the result lasts up to 8-10 months. The drug is indicated in the following cases:

  • dark spots;
  • deep and fine wrinkles;
  • dry and sagging skin;
  • lost soft tissue volume;
  • post-acne traces and scars;
  • adipose tissue hypoplasia;
  • pre- and postoperative period.

Profhilo Skin Treatment: How Does It Work?

Both categories, doctors, and patients choose Profhilo due to its significant advantages. They prefer it because there are no extra artificial ingredients. The product is pure and may be used by allergic people. Profhilo forces regeneration processes and the skin naturally rejuvenates itself. There are no bruises and red skin after the procedure – the recovery period takes only 30 minutes. People also don’t have to suffer from painful injections. The whole session is painless and consists only of several shots whereas the effect lasts a very long time. The procedure lasts only 10-15 minutes and is totally painless. Doctors use the special technique to inject this remedy:
First of all, the doctor checks the area of correction to see whether there are no contraindications for the procedure (skin neoplasms for example);
Then, he/she marks several points on the skin where the needle of the syringe would be entered;
After that, the substance is injected and the doctor asks his\her patient to wait 20-25 minutes for the skin recovery.
Pregnant and breastfeeding people, those who have hypertonic cardiovascular diseases are abandoned to have these injections. Doctors claim that there are no serious Profhilo side effects but everyone should consult a specialist before using this injectable.

Final Words

In the world of aesthetic medicine, it’s very important to keep an eye on the latest tendencies and know about new effective preparations. Profhilo would be a great choice for those who have thin and sensitive skin. The remedy is very safe and successfully copes with unattractive signs of ageing. It improves facial contours, highlights cheekbones, rebuilds the natural volume, restores the clarity of the contour of the lower jaw, refreshes the skin making it young and shining.
Those, who want to purchase it now or check the Profhilo cost, we’re glad to see on our product page. There you can read more special details about products, find out extra information or get advantageous discounts. You can also reach the support team and ask all questions on how to buy Profhilo online.

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