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Fox Eyes: PDO Threading and Botox to Lift Eyebrows and Eyes

Fox Eyes: PDO Threading and Botox to Lift Eyebrows and Eyes

Fox Eyes: PDO Threading and Botox to Lift Eyebrows and Eyes

The magic of big and open eyes is not incomprehensible. But as centuries, epochs, and trends for beauty change, the people’s obsession with beautiful open eyes and lifted eyebrows remains unchangeable.

With the possibilities of modern cosmetology, we can change practically everything – plump lips, straighten the nose, define cheekbones, harmonize chin, enlarge jawline – just literary anything that can come up to your mind, even open your eyes and lift the eyebrows. The effect we are talking about is called by a trendy word “fox” or “foxy eyes”. It looks beautiful, sexy, seductive, and definitely attracts the admiring glances of other people.

One of the brightest celebrities who has improved her appearance with the help of the fox eyes procedure is the American model and beauty, Bella Hadid. So, what is a fox brow lift? How can you achieve the almond-shaped eyes effect? Is it safe? Let’s figure it all out!

New Procedure with PDO Threads & Botox – Fox Eyes

The Fox eye lift effect is relatively a new trend in the beauty industry. Primarily, it has been achieved using a surgical lift (blepharoplasty) of the skin at the outer corners of the eyes. It is extremely helpful for aging patients whose skin around the eyes becomes loose and sags, the eyelid and the corners of the eyes drop, creating the impression of a tired and sad face. The brow lift also allowed to eliminate the fine lines and tighten the skin by cutting the excess skin and lifting the brows. This medical procedure, due to the stretching of the skin from the outer corner of the eyes towards the temples, allows opening the eyes by raising the upper lead, creating the illusion of a more open and bigger lead.

However, now this is a huge trend of aesthetic medicine, and merely every girl and woman dreams of wide-open almond eye shape and lifted eyebrows for a sexy look from under the forehead like of seductive beauty Bella. And without visible indications for an aging brow lift, it is not very wise to lie under the scalpel of a plastic surgeon. So, what to do if you dream of fox eyes and do not want to do surgery?

Modern cosmetology offers you a great non-surgical alternative – PDO thread lift combined with Botox injections can provide you with a fast lifting effect and minimal recovery time. Interested? Keep on reading!!!

How to Achieve the Results of Blepharoplasty without Surgery?

New Procedure with PDO Threads & Botox - Fox Eyes

So, plastic surgery is not compulsory the only available solution for getting fox eyes. The eye lifted effect can be achieved with the help of PDO thread lift, Botox injections, or a combination of both cosmetic treatments.

PDO Thread Lift for Fox Eyes

PDO threads are tiny threads produced out of polydioxanone, safe and totally bio combinable material, frequently used for postoperative sutures. One of the greatest benefits of polydioxanone is that it is hypoallergenic, does not cause body rejection, and with time, is naturally digested by the tissues metabolism processes, so you do not have to remove anything.

So, how can PDO threads be used for the foxy eyes effect? Everything is plain and easy. Fox eye thread, once inserted into the dermal tissues with the help of a fine needle, tightens the skin. The doctor inserts the threads in the direction towards the temples, slightly pulling it upwards. The treatment can be performed on the above-eye area if you just want to widen and “stretch out” the eye or above the eyebrow to lift and emphasize the effect of foxy eyes. Moreover, during bio digestion, polydioxanone stimulates the inner production of collagen and elastin, tightening the skin even more. As a result, the skin of the eyelids lifts, the eye opens and widens like a sexy and beautiful fox.

Such a non-surgical procedure is fast and effective, and you should not worry as these are non-visible threads that will completely disappear within a few months. Directly after the thread lift treatment, you may experience skin irritation symptoms: pain, redness, swelling, bruising, itching. Once they disappear, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful and long-lasting effects after your fox eye thread brow lift.

How Does Botox Technique “Fox Eye” Work?

Botox, a drug based on purified botulinum toxin, is famous for its wrinkles smoothing properties by relaxing the muscles at the area of the treatment. There are many facial muscles on the human face that are responsible for downward movement, the so-called depressor muscles, and their antagonists, the elevators or levator muscles. Botulinum toxin, a substance that blocks the nerve endings, making the muscles insensitive to the brain signals when introduced into the “lowering” muscles, minimizes their action, and the “lifting” muscles become stronger relative to weakened depressors. This stimulates the muscles to lift the facial tissues by changing the shape and position of the eyebrow and eye.

Botox treatment effects for fox eyes brow lift:

  • Carries out lifting of the corner of the eye
  • Carries out an eyebrow lift in the desired shape by the patient. Before injections, the patient chooses the shape and position of the eyebrow that he/she wants
  • Carries out an upward-lifting of the upper eyelid
  • Carries out the removal of crow’s feet wrinkles
  • Removes wrinkles at the outer and inner corner of the eye
  • Carries out the removal of wrinkles and enlargement of the eye section at the point at the request of the patient
  • Carries out lifting and reshaping of the upper eyelid eye incision
  • Carries out lifting of the entire temporal zone, creating the impression of a tightly tied tail
  • Provides treatment and prevention of the development of migraines

The effects after the Botox procedure need from 4 to 14 days to appear fully. It is important to mention, that there is almost no recovery time, and side effects are minimal.

What Is the Difference between “Fox Eye” and “Cat Eye” Techniques?

One may think that “cat eye” and “fox eye” effects are the same. However, the procedure and the result you will get in both cases are very divergent. Let’s see how they differ.

Fox Eye

  • Fox eye lift accentuates the lift of a straight eyebrow with the max lifting of its lateral part
  • the eye cut is changed by widening the lateral part of the eye.

The result is a prolonged and wider eye at the outer corner of the eye.

Cat Eye

  • First of all, with the cat-eye technique, the lifting accent basically falls on the center of the eye
  • the eye cut is increased in the middle part of the eye
  • the eyebrow is lifted in its central part

The general effect of the treatment for the cat-eye effect is a wider and more open eye.

How Long Will the Fox Eye Effect Last?

Unlike blepharoplasty, PDO thread lift and Botox treatments do not provide constant result. When we are talking about fox eye thread brow lift effect is clearly visible for up to 6 months. This is the approximate time the organism needs to digest and withdraw the polydioxanone material from the skin tissues. A great benefit of the PDO thread procedure is that it will also help to fight the aging process, eliminate loose skin as well as create for you a trendy and sexy appearance. However, to maintain the effect, you will have to undergo the procedure regularly once in six months or so.

Brow lift with Botox also does not last forever. Botulinum toxin affects the nerve endings, and they temporarily become insensitive. For how long? Most patients, on average, report the duration after Botox treatment as 4-6 months. It depends on many factors, where one of the most important is the ability of the organism for self-restoration. The sooner the body managers to grow new nerve tissues and endings, the sooner the effect of Botox will be weakened. Non-surgical Botox brow lift also should be repeated with time intervals in 3-6 months. But there is a pro here – once you decide you do not want foxy eyes anymore, you can easily return the natural shape and size of your eyes without doing anything.

Contraindications to the Foxy Eyes Brow Lift

Whatever procedure you choose together with your doctor, PDO brow lift, or non-surgical Botox treatment, you should check out whether you do not have any medical conditions that are contraindications to these cosmetic treatments:

  • hypersensitivity to any of the remedy components
  • minor age (under 18)
  • pregnancy and lactation period
  • inflammation of the dermal tissues at the treated site
  • infection of the dermal tissues
  • blood clotting disorder
  • diabetes mellitus
  • cancer
  • physiological disorders

If you do not have anything of this, you are the right candidate and can try the brow lift procedure with PDO threads or Botox.

How Does the Foxy Eyes Cosmetic Treatment Look Like?

Believe me or not, but the procedure with PDO threads and Botox treatments is very easy and simple. If to reach your perfect result the doctor advises you to combine both treatments, it is most likely they will take place on different days for your skin to heal and recover.

The procedure will begin with a consultation and discussion of the desired results and possible risks. After that, the doctor will remove your makeup and cleanse the facial skin, apply a local anaesthetic cream, and mark the sites for future injections or PDO threads insertion. Then, the actual procedure begins. Depending on the size of the treated area, it will take from 30 to 60 minutes maximum. When the doctor is done, you will sit in the cabinet for a few more minutes, and then, if you feel okay, you can go home. There is no need for staying in the hospital any longer.

For the next 10-14 days you should be very careful to do not to catch any infection or skin inflammation. To minimize the risks, do not use makeup, do not touch your face without a need, do not visit a gym, pool, solarium, spa, do not take hot showers and baths. Let your skin fully recover and heal!

The Bottom Line

Foxy eyes are a new and fresh trend in the aesthetic beauty industry, and there is no longer a necessity to do plastic surgery and change the eye cut to get that magic and attractive look from under the forehead. PDO threads and Botox injections in the hands of a professional, skillful, and experienced medical professional can do real wonders!

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