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What are your working hours?
Our regular working hours are Mondays ? Fridays 10:00-19:00 CET/CEST.
Do your prices include VAT?
All prices are VAT exclusive. If you do not have a valid VAT number, then 19% will be added to the total amount of your order.
What is the average cost of Dermal Fillers? How much are dermal fillers?
The prices vary depending on the product. You can check all the actual prices in our catalog.
Is there a minimum order amount?
We are a wholesale company and we have a minimum order amount limit ? 300 Euro.
How can I pay for my order?

We accept:

  • Direct Bank Transfers. For customers from the EU countries the most convenient and cheap method of transferring the payment is SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area);
  • PayPal (Visa, MasterCard, Discover). PayPal is one of the easiest and secure methods of payment. If you do not have an account on PayPal, there is no necessity to register.
How long does the shipping take?
The shipping takes at around 2-4 business days. Mainly, your order will be shipped on the next day after your order is processed.
How much does the shipping cost?
The shipping cost is 20 Euro if the receiver is located in the EU countries. If the receiver is located outside of the EU, the shipping cost is 70 Euro.
Do you offer overnight shipping?
Unfortunately, we do not offer overnight shipping at this time.
Can you send me the photos of the product? What is the expiration date of the product? I want to know the barcode.
We can send a request to the warehouse to find out this information, but due to the policy of the company, we cannot provide photos of the product, only with the expiration date.
Are the products original?
All our products are 100% authentic and in their original packaging and have all marks. With our company, we can always guarantee that you will receive products of the best quality.
Why do you have such low prices?
We are a wholesale company and due to large volumes and the price difference in different markets, we can offer a significantly lower price.
What is VAT?
VAT ? value-added tax number. We need to be able to state our customers? VAT number. If you do not have a valid VAT number, then 19% will be added to the total amount of your order.
Can I place an order without being registered or logged in on your website?
Yes, you can also place an order as a guest (without registration). Nevertheless, based on the policy of our company, we can discuss wholesale prices only with customers who have an active account. If you sign up for our website, you will receive an automatic email shortly indicating your login information. In this way, you will be able to place new orders or check the status of the current ones.
Where can I buy Dermal Fillers? How to buy dermal fillers online?
You can buy products on our website ? Our consultant will help You to place an order and provide with all the necessary information.
Can I order from you if I am outside of Europe?
Yes, we ship worldwide. We try to comply with all internal regulations of each country, but it is the customer?s responsibility to be aware if he can use and receive the product or there is a restriction or customs duty.
Can I get a refund from your company if something gets wrong with my parcel?
According to the policy of our company, we can process refund only if the shipment is not received within 14 days. Mostly, if the parcel gets lost for more than 7 days, we will do a reshipment at the expense of the company while the investigation is held by the shipping company.

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