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Facial Care after Using Dermal Fillers

Facial Care after Using Dermal Fillers-

Facial Care after Using Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers have become one of the main remedies in the anti-aging war providing excellent results and returning the youthful appearance to the faces of thousands of women all over the world. Many of the patients suppose that the injection itself will all solve their problems, but in reality, this is only half the battle. A competent after procedure facial care can boost the effects of the facial dermal fillers in the same way as the bad one can completely ruin them. In this article, we will consider the steps to follow in the daily skin routine directly after the injection and in a longer perspective.

What to do once the injection is done?

The first thing your doctor will advise you is to minimize touching the injected area by your hands. There will be numeral syringe marks, and they may swell and itch. If you touch them by your hands, there is a threat to infect the area and get serious complications.

The second point will be to pick up new care products. You would have to put aside your favorite cleansers, masks, and creams and choose the new cosmetics to wash and moisturize the face after the injection. It will help your skin to recover after the procedure much faster and make the results last longer.

Another thing to do after dermal facial fillers injection is to do not visit the high-temperature procedures. Avoid hot baths, sauna, and solarium. The same thing goes for sunbathing on the beach and any other long exposure to the sun.

Why? The sun and high temperatures help the organism to split and digest the molecules of the hyaluronic acid much faster. Taking into account not low dermal fillers price, we do not think you want the sun to melt $1000 you have just injected into your face.

Unfortunately, sports activities also do not help your fillers to work better. In the first week after the procedure, the doctor will strictly forbid from you visiting the gym and fitness centers. Swimming, jogging, and workouts increase your metabolism and help to accelerate the removal of the hyaluronic acid from your skin tissues. How long do dermal fillers last? It depends on the dermal filler supplier you choose, and the time can range from six months to 2 years, but if you are very active in sports, this period will be shorter in times.

In order to decrease the swelling, you would have to take care of the diet, do not drink too much water, and eat no salty and spicy food. Within 3-5 days, you should eat lighter and lower-calorie dishes. After the introduction of fillers, it is recommended to refrain from alcohol and tonic drinks, such as tea and coffee, and energy drinks. Let’s summarize:

  • do not touch your face with your hands
  • gently wash your face
  • no active mimics
  • no rubbing or massage
  • use special skincare products according to the doctor’s recommendation
  • no aggressive, alkaline agents
  • no hot-temperature procedures
  • no long exposure to the sun
  • use sun creams
  • no to intensive physical exertion

There are also a few additional recommendations if you had your lips injected:

  • During the first week, do not eat rough and tough food. No nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Any strong facial expressions and lip activity lead to damage to the filler and skin.
  • Do not get expose to UV rays for 14 days and avoid a temperature below 0 degrees. Sudden changes in cold and heat also affect your fillers in a negative way.
  • Do not use cosmetics: lipsticks and lip gloss for the next two weeks.
  • Sleep just on your back.
  • Do not bite or press your lips. It may also damage the filler.
  • Avoid kissing.

If we are talking about the face in general, you will have to follow these rules even in a long-term perspective if you want to keep excellent results as long as possible. Especially careful you should be about the way you wash and touch your skin. Any stronger movement, rubbing, or massage may split the filler or make it move to another area.

As for the lips, you will be able to eat anything you like and kiss after two weeks after the procedure. In both cases, cosmetics with SPF filters are obligatory to protect the fillers from the negative influence of the sun, and your face and skin will look young, smooth, and plump up to the next time you will have to do reinjection.

If you have any other questions left or consider buying dermal fillers online, our friendly team of professionals at is always here to help you get the best solution and make the correct choice.

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