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Dermal Fillers: Guide to Beauty Injections Procedure

Tips for successful dermal fillers outcome

Dermal Fillers: Guide to Beauty Injections Procedure

Dermal fillers become a top discussion topic of the present times and not just in the circles of celebrities. Being highly proclaimed, especially on social media, it indulges women and men all over the world to think about taking some beauty injections. But are they really aware of what dermal fillers are and what to expect from this procedure?


The first thing to know before going to the cosmetology doctor is what actually dermal filler is. Many people blindly follow their favorite actors or singers and want to look exactly as splendid as their idols. But if it perfectly suited someone else, it does not guarantee it will work as good for you.

Before deciding to inject something into your precious face or body, be aware that dermal fillers, or in other words injectable implants, are transparent liquid gels, based on different ingredients to solve different skin problems on various parts of the face and body. Moreover, they are also differentiated regarding the duration of their effect. All of the above-mentioned factors will effect dermal fillers cost.


Perhaps of the most crucial criteria is its origin, and here we may single out:

  • synthetic
  • human
  • animal

Except for some esthetical reasons, this point is important because the fillers of the last two origins suppose pretesting as they may be rejected by the body.

Regarding longevity, you may come across:

  • temporary
  • semi-temporary
  • permanent

dermal fillers. Do not get misguided by their names, as none of them is going to stay inside the skin tissues forever. In fact, the effects of temporary fillers last less than twelve months, semi-permanent between one or two years, and the last type – more than two years.


The main thing to remember is that there is no one universal filler, which can be injected in all possible areas and give perfect results. The skin on the face and body, under eyes, on the cheeks, and lips has different characteristics, density, and correspondingly, different needs and problems. For these reasons, even inside one brand and even line, there are different remedies. In general, the injections can be administrated into:

  • under eyes
  • lips
  • cheeks
  • temples
  • forehead
  • chin
  • areas around the mouth
  • BODY:
  • Neck
  • Décolleté
  • Hands
  • Elbows


These remedies may provide the clients with various effects, depending on the type of filler and its origin. They can be more natural, eliminating the wrinkles, hydrating it, and boosting the inner production of the collagen, or on the contrary, can be more noticeable, giving considerable volume to the skin tissues, like volumizing the lips or cheeks, highlighting the cheekbones, and so on. If to put it briefly, injectable dermal fillers do the following things:

  • eliminate fine and moderate wrinkles
  • eliminate deep wrinkles and folds
  • correct the shapes and contours
  • add volume
  • lift the saggy skin
  • deeply hydrate the tissues
  • make the skin look healthier and younger


As with any medications, there are potential dangers and possible side effects. First of all, allergic reactions hide the biggest thread, and the doctor should be very careful before choosing the filler. Lactation and pregnancy are also reasons to delay the visit to the doctor as there is no reliable information on how it may affect the baby. The same is about infections in the theoretical areas of injection.

If all of the above points are not about you, then the following side effects may occur:

  • pain
  • itching
  • redness
  • bruising
  • swelling
  • discoloration

As you may see, they are quite unserious and will disappear within a few days or even hours in the case the procedure was done correctly. Otherwise, they may be some dysfunctions of the muscles, loss of sensitivity, headaches, fever, nausea, vomiting, and even blindness. All of the signs are reasons to immediately contact the doctor.


Dermal fillers are a top injectable procedure in the beauty sphere. It fights aging, eliminates wrinkles and folds, provides additional volume, tightens the sagging skin, and hydrates. However, this is a medical procedure, and before deciding to try it, one should pay attention to all aspects and form adequate and realistic expectations, taking into account all the pitfalls. The most common delusion is that people think that the effect is permanent. No, it is temporary, and once you start injections, if you want to preserve the result, you should do that on a regular basis. We hope that this article provided you with necessary insights on what dermal fillers are and what effects they provide. For more information, read other articles about beauty procedures and dermal fillers on our blog at

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