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Comparing Upper Facelift, Mid Facelift and Lower Facelift

Comparing upper facelift, mid facelift and lower facelift

Comparing Upper Facelift, Mid Facelift and Lower Facelift

Modern people do not want to put up with time and aging, and contemporary technologies give them this possibility to prolong their beauty and win a few more years of a young and beautiful appearance. Previously, plastic surgery and facelift were the main weapons for fighting aging. Now, progressive medicine has elaborated dermal fillers, which can provide similar results with less invasion. In this article, we will compare different kinds of a facelift with the effects after hyaluronic acid face filler injections.

What is a facelift?

In simple words, this is plastic surgery, when the doctor cuts off the excess skin from different areas on the face and neck. With age, the skin loses its tone and elasticity due to the decrease of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid in the tissue. These elements perform a lot of functions:

  • Form the frame of the skin
  • Hydrate
  • Smooth
  • Keep the skin elastic

When all this gradually disappears, the skin loses its tone and volume, sags. It causes such problems as drooping eyelids and low eyebrows, sunken cheeks, lowered corners of the lips, fuzzy face contour, and not to mention wrinkles and folds. All of these are reasons for plastic surgeries.

Types of a facelift

The doctors conditionally divide the face into three zones: upper, middle, and lower. The facelifts are called correspondingly to the area, where they are performed.
Upper facelift. To this area, we relate eyes and everything that goes up: glabella zone, temples, eyebrows, and forehead. More frequently, the doctors remove the excess skin in the temples area to lift the corners of the eyes and eliminate the crown’s feet. The surgeons also do eyebrows and forehead lifts to open the eyes and smooth the horizontal lines in the upper part of the face.

Mid facelift. The middle part of the face comprises everything between the corners of the mouth up to the corners of the eyes: cheeks, nose, and the upper lip. The most profound aging problems in this area are nasolabial folds and sunken cheeks. Lifting of the cheeks makes the face look fresher and younger with more defined cheekbones and smooths the lines going from the nose wings down to the corners of the lips.
Lower facelift. Finally, the lower facelift will focus on the chin, jawline, and neck. It is also a very problematic area, as when the contours begin to sag, this is a very evident sign of aging. What type of facelift to choose depends directly on the face building and aging type of the patient’s skin.

Dermal fillers – surgery facelift alternative

Not all people are ready to risk their health and life, even for the sake of youth and beauty. That is why the best doctors and scientists have elaborated unique filler for face, which has all chances to replace plastic surgery in the future. Indeed, the possibilities of injectable remedies with hyaluronic acid are amazing, and you can offer this treatment for the patients who want to rejuvenate their skin but do not like the perspective of surgery and a long recovery.

Filling the hollow spaces in the skin and attracting the molecules of water, hyaluronic acid works perfectly fine for smoothing the wrinkles and restoring the lost volume. The wrinkles filler for face is suitable for injections into:

  • chin,
  • cheeks,
  • jawline,
  • temples,
  • forehead,
  • under the eyes
  • around the mouth

You can choose the appropriate density of the filler and dosage correspondingly to every zone. For the purpose of plumping and facelift Juvederm Voluma face filler or other volumizing injectables suit the best. The other options include Saypha Volume, Volyme Restylane face filler, Belotero Volume, etc. All of these fillers and many others you can buy at our web store

Surgery vs. dermal fillers facelift

Dermal fillers Surgery
Type of aging Minor, moderate, severe Moderate to severe
Invasiveness Minimal invasion Surgical
Recovery A few hours A few weeks
Duration of result 9-24 months Up to 10 years
Follow up procedures Yes+ No-

As you may see, both options have benefits and drawbacks. Although dermal fillers do not provide such a durable effect, they are safer with fewer risks and complications after the procedure. Moreover, hyaluronic acid rejuvenates the skin from inside, improving natural beauty. Plastic surgery lifts the contours and eliminates wrinkles, but it does not restore the volume in the tissues and does not have such evident plumping, rejuvenating, and refreshing effect. More than that, mid facelift cost with dermal fillers is much more affordable than the help of a plastic surgeon.

You can buy wrinkle filler for face at We have put great efforts to have in stock a great variety of brands and types of remedies for your comfort at the best prices on the market.

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