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Can You Combine Different Dermal Fillers?

Can you combine different Dermal Fillers?

Can You Combine Different Dermal Fillers?

Juvederm, Restylane, Saypha, Radiesse, Belotero, Profhilo, Revolax… This is a short list of the most popular dermal fillers on the market. All of them have benefits and cons, provide excellent results, and have thousands of stalwarts all over the globe. Some of them work better for the augmentation of lips. The others are perfect for dermal filler injections into the tender areas like under the eyes. Some are better at hydration, while others can modify the shapes and last longer. These points made the doctors think about whether it is possible to combine different dermal fillers to achieve the most perfect desired outcomes. Let us try to figure it out.

Different Fillers for Different Areas

Our skin is a unique structure, and it differs on various parts of our face: under the eyes, on the forehead, cheeks, temples, lips, and chin. The skin of the cheeks is mainly the densest, while under our eyes, it is tender and soft. This is the reason why we see vessels and have dark circles in this area. If we used just one filler for every zone, we would get a totally unnatural result. In some cases, it would be insufficient, like to plump lips or define the cheekbones, while in the other cases, it would be too evident and ‘rough’.

Different Fillers for Different AreasFor this reason, such brands as Restylane filler or Juvederm developed a line with around 10 remedies each to satisfy the needs of every skin type, age, and individual peculiarities. Thus, for example, Juvederm has got Juvederm Ultra 2, Juvederm Ultra 3, Juvederm Ultra 4, Juvederm Volift, Juvederm Voluma, Juvederm Hydrate, Juvederm Volbella, and so on. They differ by the level of density, viscosity, cohesiveness, and other technical characteristics.

So, can you combine different types of dermal fillers for various areas? Whether you are talking about multiple brands or remedies from one brand, in both cases, the answer is yes. The thing is that dermal fillers, unlike botulinum toxin products (Botox or Dysport), do not migrate and remain precisely at the place where you inject them. So, the fillers do not mix and do not interact with each other in no way. You can easily apply Juvederm dermal filler (Volbella or Voluma), let’s say, to plump lips and Restylane to eliminate wrinkles under the eyes and be sure the result will be perfect, and what is even more important, safe for the patient.

Different Fillers for the Same Area

Even the most experienced doctors not always can determine the filler that would work the best for this or that area, this or that patient. Sometimes, the patient is not satisfied till the end with the obtained result, and the question arises ‘can I apply another filler in the same area?’ The answer is a strict no. And let me explain why.

If you have injected dermal fillers under eyes, and after a week or so, the client comes back and says he/she wants more filler, you can do reinjection but just with the same remedy from the same brand. Even filler from the same brand but the different line is not suitable, not to mention the completely different company. The clue lies in the fact that hyaluronic acid molecules in the remedies are combined in various ways. That provides a different level of density, viscosity, and cohesiveness. Moreover, different brands have their patented technologies. When the two fillers meet, they may mix unevenly, creating lumps or other irregularities in the skin tissues.

Except for the level of viscosity, the fillers may differ by their composition. Thus, Restylane, Saypha, Juvederm, Revolax, and Belotero have synthetic hyaluronic acid at their base, while, for instance, Radiesse’s main ingredient is calcium hydroxide, which principle of action and effects are totally divergent from the previously mentioned brands. The mixture of two substances may lead to unwanted reactions of the organism like severe side effects, allergy, body rejection, and of course, unpleasant visual results that would disappoint the client.

Other Products to Combine with Dermal Fillers

At the same time, it does not mean you cannot use together other types of skin products to fight aging. Thus, dermal fillers’ effect can be perfectly strengthened by botulinum toxin drugs like Botox. Of course, you cannot do two injections on the same day, but you can inject Botox, for example, under the eyes to minimize mimic wrinkles and relax the muscles, and then after some time, apply dermal fillers to supplement the lack of volume in the area, reduce dark circles, and hydrate the tissues, creating a fresh and young look.

Other Products to Combine with Dermal FillersSo, why can’t you use different dermal fillers but can combine them with botulinum products? Well, the point is that the two substances act on different skin levels. The effect of Botox is superficial. It is injected into the upper layers of the tissues while the filler with hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxide is administered deeper. In such a way, they do not mix and do not interact. Everyone performs its function, providing perfect results.

Final Word

The invention of dermal fillers gave people incredible possibilities to remain young much longer and look fantastic at any age. Moreover, the industry is constantly developing and improving the remedies to make them more natural, more long-lasting, and providing more beautiful results. However, you cannot combine different dermal fillers for the same area, especially on the same day. Different viscosity and density levels of the drugs may cause unexpected outcomes and even complications after the procedure, despite the fact that both fillers may be perfectly suitable for the patient and the area. The market offers such a variety of remedies that we are sure you’ll be able to pick up the one that will solve all the issues without a need for reinjection of another filler for every client and his/her problem. Moreover, in any case, you may use Botox to eliminate the aging signs even more.

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