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Belotero Filler vs Restylane: Who’s a Boss?

Belotero Filler vs Restylane

Belotero Filler vs Restylane: Who’s a Boss?

Age is not the single factor influencing your skin condition. Stressful situations, negative emotions, and other events accelerate new wrinkles and unattractive folds creation. Yes, this is unavoidable, however, it is treatable. Today, the most effective remedies for facial correction are dermal fillers. In this article, we want to compare Belotero filler and Restylane. Doctors recommend both of them because each drug has benefits. But what about you? Which one will fit you the best?

Belotero Filler: Pros & Cons

Many people are dissatisfied with their appearance. Belotero dermal filler is a workable solution for those who are sad due to the superficial wrinkles and are looking for an optimal way of correction. Why is this filler one of the most commonly used remedies for facial wrinkles elimination?
The main ingredient of the drug is Hyaluronic Acid – the substance that our body produces in order to replenish the water balance and stimulate natural collagen production. Comparing with Restylane, this product is more suitable for fine lines correction because it’s much easier to layer. The substance works more efficiently as a top layer filler, thus it can be used on top of deeper fillers.

If you have very sensitive skin and choosing cosmetic means always turns into a big challenge for you, Belotero filler is the solution. It causes very subtle results that’s why cosmetologists recommend it for patients with delicate skin.

If there’s a need to correct lips form or add some volume, Belotero lip injections also create great results. It is highly recommended for elimination moderate and deep lines around the mouth, for example, nasolabial folds. Belotero Balance may also be used for lip augmentation when there’s a lack of natural volume or lips contour is not clear enough. Hyaluronic Acid is the best way on how to rejuvenate the skin on these skin areas. Thousands of clients already have tried Belotero lip filler. We’re convinced – they all are satisfied with Belotero lips injections. And everyone who has tried it at least once would recommend such a procedure for those who’re ashamed by thin lips. Belotero volume doesn’t create the effect of artificiality but makes natural long-lasting result.

Restylane for Facial Correction: Better or Worse?

Restylane also is Hyaluronic Acid-based dermal filler. It is popular, frequently used and effective dermal filler for different wrinkles correction as well as lips augmentation. It works immediately and gives you fresh and rejuvenated skin right after injection. Restylane is similar to Belotero because both fillers are made of HA which is a natural substance available in the human body. However, this remedy is more versatile than the previous one. Whereas Belotero may be used only for specific skin areas, cosmetologists may inject Restylane into chin, cheekbones, lips to correct wrinkles, add some volume or change the contour.

The results after correction are instantly visible but become more pronounced in a week. This is achieved by introducing Restylane products at certain points. The effect of the procedure lasts approximately 12 months. It depends on individual characteristics of the human body: the faster the metabolic processes are, the faster the effect passes.

Which Filler Is More Effective?

As it was mentioned previously, both dermal fillers are made of Hyaluronic Acid, thus you don’t have to worry about serious allergic reactions and any damage to the health. After such injections, you’ll achieve the instant, fresh and natural result. Restylane and Belotero are FDA-approved remedies popular in the whole world. The main action of the drugs is smoothing out wrinkles by adding the missing volume.

Although Belotero and Restylane have a lot in common, they also differ a lot. Restylane is more recommended for nasolabial injections because it has more delicate and elastic structure. Belotero is more concentrated and perfectly fits for laugh lines elimination and correction chin wrinkles.
Which one to choose? Well, everyone has own right answer. The best practice on how to choose an appropriate dermal filler is consultation with a doctor. Let him examine you, make some tests and offer the best medical option for you.

If you want to check Belotero cost, make a purchase or find out extra information, please, click here. In case you’re interested in Restylane, follow this link.

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