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An In-Depth Overview of HYAcorp Body Products

An In-Depth Overview of HYAcorp Body Products

An In-Depth Overview of HYAcorp Body Products

In modern cosmetology, Hyaluronic Acid treats almost all existed signs of ageing. Its crazy popularity grows steadily every day. Doctors can’t stop looking for the most effective HA-based remedies and pharmaceutical companies keep investigating new approaches and methods to achieve the ideal formula of dermal filler with the most appropriate HA concentration. Although almost all companies-manufacturers constantly announce releases of perfect products, there is one drug in the market, that really deserves your attention.

HYAcorp is a leading injectable remedy based on pure hyaluronic acid and created for face and body natural volume restoration. The hyaluronic acid, contained in this filler, is of non-animal origin, thus the substance is fully biocompatible and the human body doesn’t reject it.

HYAcorp is a pure and viscous gel, that restores the missing volume, rejuvenates the skin surface, and causes excellent long-lasting effects. You can see the positive changes immediately after attending the doctor. Also, there’s no recovery period and patients return to their routine in a few minutes after HYAcorp dermal injections. HYAcorp is not a single product, it’s a brand and a product line of dermal fillers used by doctors to correct:

  • face (wrinkles, nasolabial folds, cheekbones, and cheeks, lips, lower jaw, etc);
  • body (neck, the back of the hands, buttocks, legs, calves, etc);
  • intimate areas (woman labia, vagina, male penis).

Let’s consider in detail all HYAcorp body fillers for these areas!

HYAcorp Fine

The structure of this remedy is similar to a sponge. It’s a very clear and pure substance that eliminates skin defects and creates a youthful appearance.

Hyaluronic acid, the main constituent, is of non-animal origin, that’s why it deeply penetrates the middle skin tissues, restores the lost skin volume, and doesn’t cause adverse reactions. HYAcorp Fine is a sterile, pyrogen-free, viscoelastic, and biocompatible gel implant, that is used to correct face, neck, décolleté, and backs of hands.


HYAcorp Lips

HYAcorp Lips is a pure dermal filler designed to restore the lip volume and create bright contours.

Numerous scientific researches and tests prove that it is very safe and doesn’t cause serious allergic reactions. The effect duration depends on the depth and the area of injection as well as the type of skin and peculiarities of the patient’s body. HYAcorp Lips injection is an ideal option for those who want to correct their lips without surgery. The procedure doesn’t take much time and is performed with local anesthesia.


HYAcorp Face

When it comes to facial volume restoration, HYAcorp Face is the best solution. This plain, transparent and effective substance is applied to different parts of the face. It reduces wrinkles, smooths the skin and corrects the facial oval. The Advanced Thixotropic Technology is used during the drug’s production, thus it is easily injected and lasts a very long time.


HYAcorp MLF1 and HYAcorp MLF2

These two remedies doctors use for intimate zones corrections. Drugs are often combined in order to reach better results because HYAcorp body contouring mlf 1 and 2 have similar compositions. The procedure is very popular. It doesn’t require surgery,  positively influences patient’s sexual feelings, is reversible, cheap and doesn’t cause complications. Leading health providers use HYAcorp body contouring mlf2 to improve the volume and shape of the buttocks and hips, increase the volume and correct the legs and calves shape, restore the skin after injuries or surgeries, etc.


Final Words

HYAcorp can be applied in very different situations: to smooth the skin, correct volume, improve body special areas, etc.

Each drug in the product line has a different crosslinking type and hyaluronic acid concentration. Therefore, for each area of ​​the body, doctors use different drugs. Complex skin problems treatment requires the injection of the product with higher HA concentration. And for delicate areas, there’s a lower crosslinking degree. The duration of the filling effect may vary, depending on the depth and area of ​​the injection. HYAcorp is packed and delivered in special syringes for single use only. You can buy HYAcorp online at our online store. has an excellent proposition for each client because here you can buy HYAcorp wholesale and get beneficial discounts. Go to the product page right now, and choose HYAcorp body contouring mlf1 10ml or any other dosage. Hurry up! The number of products is restricted!

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