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All You Need to Know About Juvederm & Nasolabial Folds

All You Need to Know About Juvederm & Nasolabial Folds

These days, there exists a wide range of off-label and brand-name nasolabial fold fillers. With their help, thousands of patients worldwide manage to effectively treat moderate to severe nasolabial folds and, therefore, achieve a more youthful appearance in a safe, quick, and effective way.

Juvederm, in turn, is one of the most well-known brands of nasolabial fold fillers. According to numerous dermatologists and their patients worldwide, they create exceptionally attractive results while causing minimal discomfort.

So, how about checking out the article below in order to learn all the details regarding Juvederm and nasolabial folds?

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About Juvederm From A to Z

Who manufactures Juvederm? What does its composition look like? What is its product line? What indications and contraindications does it have? And, last but not least, what are its expected results? You will find the answers to all these questions by going through the article below!


Juvederm dermal fillers are manufactured by Allergan (now a part of AbbVie). As a global pharmaceutical corporation that efficiently combines profound experience and the newest innovation in the aesthetic sphere, it produces cosmetic injectables of the highest possible quality.


The composition of the Juvederm dermal filler treatment is primarily based on synthetic hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin. It effectively compensates for the lack of the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid produced in the skin. Moreover, it is also worth mentioning that the substance functions as a powerful moisturizer that profoundly hydrates the cells in the human body.

Also, almost every hyaluronic acid facial filler in the Juvederm family appears in two versions, – either with or without prefilled lidocaine hydrochloride in its composition. By temporarily numbing the targeted area, it substantially reduces the level of pain a patient might feel while the injection process is going on.

Product Line

The product line of Juvederm includes several high-quality dermal fillers with different levels of hyaluronic acid concentration and properties. For instance, the below-mentioned options definitely deserve attention:

  • Juvederm Ultra (one of the most universal dermal fillers in the Juvederm line);
  • Juvederm Ultra Plus (a stronger version of the above-mentioned Juvederm Ultra);
  • Juvederm Voluma (an injectable filled used to restore lost volume around a patient’s facial oval);
  • Juvederm Volbella (a dermal filler specifically designed to enhance tender lip tissues);
  • Juvederm Vollure (an optimal solution for patients looking for a product to reduce mild to severe lines, wrinkles, and folds);
  • And so on.

As clinical trials show, a wide range of Juvederm facial fillers allow healthcare providers to address the overall appearance of a patient in a very complex manner. They not only help to smooth facial wrinkles (starting from mild parentheses lines and ending with deep nasolabial folds) but also replace lost volume of a patient’s facial oval.

Indications & Contraindications

When delving deeper into the indications for Juvederm hyaluronic acid-based filler treatments, it is worth mentioning that they might address different facial treatment areas and perform different functions. Here is the list of main aesthetic issues that might be treated by Juvederm:

  • Mild to deep wrinkles, such as smile lines, marionette lines, lines that run from the nose to the corners of the mouth, and so on;
  • Facial volume loss occurring as a result of the aging process;
  • Shrunken fat pads;
  • Sagging facial tissue;
  • Visually thin lips;
  • And so on.

Furthermore, Juvederm injectable filler solutions tend to accelerate the natural production of collagen around the treated area. As a result of the aging process, we gradually lose collagen, which eventually worsens the overall condition of our skin. And here is where any Juvederm filler product comes in handy.

At the same time, it is worth mentioning that not each and every patient is eligible to undergo an injection treatment of Juvederm. For instance, it is might not a suitable option if a patient has severe allergies to hyaluronic acid, has serious chronic diseases in their medical history, or experiences an ongoing skin irritation around the treatment area. Moreover, a patient is preferable not to wear makeup around the treatment area or undergo direct sunlight up to two weeks before the treatment.

Expected Results

The expected results of Juvederm dermal fillers create durable but nevertheless non-permanent results. More precisely, a single treatment session with the help of the product allows a patient to notice an instant effect that might last up to one year. Furthermore, it might be substantially prolonged by periodical touch-up treatment procedures.

It is also worth mentioning that an injection of Juvederm is a safe treatment option that does not tend to cause any serious adverse reactions. Among the most common side effects of the treatment include temporary skin irritation around the injection site, including redness, itching, or swelling. Luckily, these complications tend to fade away on their own in two to five days after the treatment.

Main Things to Know About Juvederm for Nasolabial Folds

Since Juvederm is one of the most advantageous nasolabial fold fillers, it might be worth checking the most essential things about this treatment option. Go through the text below to check them out right away!

#1. Juvederm is a brand of high-quality nasolabial fold fillers

According to numerous dermatologists, cosmetologists, and plastic surgeons, Juvederm is one of the most qualitative nasolabial fold fillers available in the market these days.

#2. One of the best options to reduce nasolabial folds is the Juvederm Vollure treatment

Despite the fact that you might use Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus, or other Juvederm treatment options to reduce nasolabial folds, Juvederm Vollure is considered to be the most effective in this regard.

#3. Juvederm is one of the longest-lasting dermal filler injections for nasolabial folds

When used for the reduction of nasolabial folds, the Juvederm treatment usually creates results that last up to a year, which makes it one of the most long-lasting solutions among other dermal fillers with a similar composition.

#4. Not every patient is a good candidate to get rid of nasolabial folds with Juvederm

Even though Juvederm is an exceptionally safe dermal filler brand, a patient should not have syringes injected beneath their skin in case of having any contraindications to the treatment that should be defined by a healthcare provider during the initial consultation.

It is also the task of a healthcare provider to define how many treatments a patient would need to undergo to achieve the desired results. This number should by no means be ignored or surpassed.

#5. Together with smoothing nasolabial folds, Juvederm injections stimulate collagen production

While being a great treatment for smoothing nasolabial folds, Juvederm not only fills the wrinkled skin but also stimulates the natural production of collagen. This way, it offers a complex approach to the overall improvement of a patient’s skin quality.

A Bottom Line

All in all, Juvederm is an exceptionally effective treatment when it comes to the reduction of nasolabial folds. Feel free to try it out yourself and get one step closer to the skin of your dreams!

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