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A Comprehensive Look at Lip Filler Migration and Expert Tips for Prevention

A Comprehensive Look at Lip Filler Migration and Expert Tips for Prevention

A Comprehensive Look at Lip Filler Migration and Expert Tips for Prevention

Lip filler injections are undoubtedly among the most popular cosmetic treatments in the aesthetic medicine sphere nowadays. Plump, juicy lips have always been trendy, and minimally invasive procedures like filler administration act like a great help for this purpose. However, some individuals are a little afraid of this option, as certain problems may occur once the session is over, and it’s important to deal with them as quickly as possible to prevent them from transforming into something more severe. One of the complications is product migration after lip filler treatments. Even though the chances of experiencing it are low, worries are still associated with this issue. Therefore, we are here today to explain all the vital details about this problem, as well as all about how to prevent it and how to act if the migration actually happens at some point. We’re here to support you, so continue reading and share this article with those who may consider it helpful!

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The Definition of the Lip Filler Migration

Dermal filler migration in lips is a condition where the gel injected in a certain target area shifts, thus spoiling the effect and needing a specialist’s help to correct the problem. Commonly, the product spreads along the lip borders as well as inside them. Sometimes, it may lead to a prominent asymmetry, creating an uneven appearance and noticeable lip bumps. As a matter of fact, lips are the most prone to experiencing this problem, as the lower face is the region that moves almost constantly as we speak, smile, eat, and participate in other similar activities; plus, lips have a limited area to perform these aesthetic treatments, and sometimes the migration of the product is caused by the simple miscalculation of the administration dose.

Basic Symptoms of the Migrated Lip Filler

If the filler has migrated from its original placement, some prominent symptoms may notify you about this condition. We believe it’s important to highlight the following points:

  • Lip asymmetry. Uneven appearance after the lip filler procedure indicates that the product has migrated. Memorize your original lip appearance and save some references to show in the clinic if needed;
  • Lost definition. If the gel moves out of the borders, it doesn’t mean that you should inject more filler. Sometimes, it’s a sign that it shifted, and it’s better to dissolve the product before rejecting it;
  • Noticeable lip bumps. Lip lumps can seem bumpy on the lip surface, and it may even be painful sometimes, so it’s important to take care of it as quickly as possible;
  • The “shelf effect”. This problem is also often referred to as lip mustache, as the migration of the product makes it seem like a person has a mustache above the upper lip.

What to Do if the Gel Migrates?

If there are any signs of product migration after the lip filler treatment, there should be no worries or anxiety, as this condition can be easily controlled. The first thing a patient should do is to contact a specialist and schedule the appointment as soon as possible. The effect of HA gels is not permanent, so it can be easily corrected and settled in a way beneficial for a customer.

If a person is patient enough, it’s possible for them to wait till the body tissues naturally absorb the gel. However, if this option is not for them, there’s another solution that can be tried – it’s always possible to try hyaluronidase. This product is specifically made to dissolve hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, returning the appearance to its initial state. In just one session, there will be a noticeable improvement in a few days as the filler dissolved under the skin starts disappearing properly. And, afterward, the injection session can be appropriately repeated to enhance lips to the desired form.

Why Do Lip Fillers Migrate?

To avoid lip filler migration, it’s important to know all about the reasons for this unfortunate problem. Thus, we are going to share the most common reasons for this condition to ensure you have a clear understanding of all the risks. Who knows, maybe that’s what will help you prevent the issue:

  • The injection technique. If the needle is punctured multiple times to administer the gel, there’s a chance it will leak out, creating an uneven appearance of one’s lips. It’s better to administer the needle once and spread the product smoothly throughout the area. Or just try and use as few injections as possible;
  • The type of the lip filler. The higher the product’s viscosity, the lower the chances of its accidental migration. If the wrong filler is selected for the procedure, patients may experience a lot of complications and unfortunate symptoms, so picking the right brand according to one’s needs is vital;
  • The amount of the gel used for the enhancement. If too much filler is used for the treatment, there’s a chance of its spreading across the area, as the lip region is not among the largest regions to work in, so it’s vital to be extra careful during the process;
  • Active facial movement. It may be hard to believe, but simple actions like talking, eating, or smiling may affect the results of the lip enhancement treatment. Lips are circular muscles, and that’s why many people face this problem after an injection session.

Ways to Prevent Filler Migration

Thankfully, there are a few effective ways to prevent lip filler migration and have a positive experience in the doctor’s office. Remember them, and you’ll be safe throughout the whole process:

  • Pick an experienced specialist with a proper qualification to perform the treatment;
  • Ensure a proper filler is used for the procedure, meaning it’s not too dense and contains hyaluronic acid;
  • Start with smaller doses. It’s always easier to add more later than to dissolve the product if there’s too much of it under the skin;
  • Try not to have the injection too frequently, as it can lead to filler overuse, which is not the most attractive thing that can be done;
  • Always follow a proper aftercare routine. It includes avoiding facial rubbing, blood-thinning medications, intense gym sessions, and other potentially harmful activities.

The Bottom Line

Lip filler migration is a rare problem; still, it’s better to be aware of it and understand when it’s time to seek medical help. Gladly, this condition can be pretty much under control, as there is a remarkable solution – hyaluronidase – meant to dissolve hyaluronic acid fillers, leading back to one’s original lip appearance. As a bonus, certain safety rules can help people prevent this issue, and most of them are related to aftercare and can easily be practiced at home after the appointment. Among the most common recommendations are not rubbing the target area and avoiding strenuous activities to let the gel settle in the lips. Hopefully, you found valuable pieces of information in this article. Be strong, be beautiful, and choose Euromex as your trustworthy supplier!


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